Pretty Little Liars Producer Previews Return of Mona, Shocking Reveal of A-Team Member

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WARNING: Stop reading right now if you have not watched last night's shocking summer finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Okay? Everyone all set now? Good. Because showrunner Marlene King has a few MAJOR hints to drop about the show's return in January...

A Team Member

On the theme of Season 3: It's that Mona is back. Now we see Mona has found a way to get in and out of Radley, the old "A" who we all miss will be very much back and present in the girls' lives.

On turning Toby: The theme we explore all the time on the show is "what appears to be isn't." So it was really fun to develop a character who really was the moral compass of the show. There were points at the end of Season 1 where we said that Toby is the only character in Rosewood who had never lied, and that was a truth to that point.

On Toby having true feelings for Spencer: That's the story we're going to tell [in the next part of the season] and you'll get a better sense of it.

On the chances that Toby still has good intentions and is somehow working undercover for the A-Team: No.

There you have it, PLLers. Have you gotten over the shock yet? Are you already counting down the days until Season 3B kicks off? Visit TV Guide for the full interview with King and sound off now!

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Not gonna lie they have to do something about Emily... she just really bugs me! spice it up make her anything other than a whining (constantly pouting) emotionless character. Like someone said if she shot Caleb then woohoo at least shes interesting but frankly I'd like to see her killed off! if only for the actresses smirky pout! LOVE everything else about PLL though! literally cannot get enough!


Ok, I think its wren and I dont think there going to give a back story till its actually shown he is but seriously think when he appeared and how he keeps finding positions to be involved and i think his story may come out with cece whos also suspicious for other reasons


I hope Wren doesn't sabotage Hanna & Caleb's relationship but I think he's gonna show up at the hospital to her his support and then she's gonna fall for him. Hopefully it doesn't happen!!
I think there's a big possibility Spencer is or becomes part of the A-Team. I hated the girls for being so mean to Paige. OK, she's mysterious but that's no reason. All these accusations without proof and all of that came from Spencer. She's a suspect to me ;) I'd like to see Aria with Wesley or with Jason :)) Remember they shared a kiss? Remember their attraction? By the way, Ezra is still a prime suspect for me even though I can't find good reasons now. Oh and where is Aria's brother Mike?? :(


This midseason finale was way better than the season 2 finale! I was pleasantly surprised that Toby is part of the A-Team :) I'm not pissed by that because he's not a guy I like anyway. I prefer Spencer with Wren or with Alex from season 1, remember?
After seeing Hanna cry in the first 2 minutes but not her other friends, I was prepared one of her relatives would get hurt and when we saw Caleb had taken the gun in his bag, I knew he would get shot (and I was afraid he'd be dead by the end of the episode. I just don't understand what Mona did during this epi and in that creepy room.


How about Spencer AND Toby in the A-Team?! So this may not be shocking that toby's in the a team too. Remeber, Spencer had this whole A-stuff on her computer and is the only one who never really seams scared about confrontig A or getting some informations. Also her mother's the layer from Garret, so she may have inside-informations! Think about it people..


Seriously, I've got to ask, why would anybody suspect Wren or or Caleb or Ezra to be A or part of the A team? They don't even know Alison (as far as we know), so it doesn't even make any sense that they would be involved. What do they need to get revenge for? All the other characters - Toby, Mona (who both hated Alison), Jenna, Garrett, Jason, Noel - actually have legitimate reasons to be in the A team. But Wren, Caleb and Ezra seriously don't. And after two and a half seasons, if the writers did suddenly introduce back story plots involving them with Alison then that would just be ridiculous. So, why do people think Wren or Ezra are involved? Aside from the fact that they're pretty shady. But then everyone else in Rosewood is pretty shady too.


I was shocked about the Toby reveal too, but as Charmed-Jenna says it keeps the show interesting. Finally something we never expected and I can't wait to see how they explain Toby being in the A-team.
Spencer and Toby were (and maybe are still) my favorite couple so I'm a bit sad/disappointed but it's gonna be sooo interesting to see all of that develop!


And the reason there hasn't been a lot with aria and ezra is until the maggie thing came about there were no big secrets and there wanting to with aria go with her family drama which I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more in 3b. Another thing ally and aria were sorta the most stable of all of ally relationships with the girls, with spencer and ally they were competitive and ally knew had a brother in common, emily was seemingly her favorite or they want you too think that cause emily liked her, and hannah she was horrible too due to her insecurities. And again if you look back it makes perfect sense how everything plays on those relationships and wren doesn't have a thing for aria which is the reason ezria is left alone look back, which bf gets tortured most when wrens around


Ok I'm sorry seriously people get a life, there relationship has been dying since we found out about jason and the show isn't about relationships it's about figuring out whats going on in a seemingly normal town, toby being A may help clear up answers he HATED what allison and the other girls did to him remember the tattoo... And by the way Wren is an A, he's not highly suspected but but but it's completely logical... And yes A tried to hurt toby but who says all the people on the A team get along


Aww I was hoping that he had good intentions and was trying to uncover the A team :( Spencer and Toby are so cute together why did he have to be part of the A team? haha

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