Vampire Diaries Producer Responds to Shocking Cliffhanger, Teases "Big Journey" For...

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So THAT happened on The Vampire Diaries tonight.

Following a revealing episode, which revealed the origin of The Ripper and brought Damon and Stefan closer than ever, our favorite CW thriller unveiled the identity of the Mystic Falls Murderer this week. And it's...


Sage and Damon

What will this mean for the laid back history teacher?

“There’s a big journey for Alaric [coming up],” executive producer Julie Plec told the crowd after we screened the episode at PaleyFest last Saturday. “[It's] a big journey for Elena. Stefan and everybody is going to be at the center of this storyline.”

That includes Jeremy, who also possesses a ring and will soon come back into the picture.

“It definitely has implications for Jeremy,” said Plec.“Jeremy is now wildly unprotected," out in Colorado, seemingly with no memory, but also cursed by the rock on his finger.

Matt Davis, meanwhile, seemed almost bashful when asked about the storyline, but did say we're in store for “a beautiful [and shocking] experience" over the next few weeks. He added of Alaric:

“He has been getting killed, and I love that we’re now at that tipping point of the consequence of all of that."

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode was very depressing and surprising at the same time. It looks like each episode rapping up the season ends up worse everytime. I can't to see what else happens even though they mostly don't go out so well. |=P =O


@Jess - YES!! I wrote a fanfic where Katherine broke the compulsion and Jeremy told Elena to get lost after he found out the truth. Would love to see this on the show. Why are ppl hating on Damon? Seriously?! Elena is the idiot who thinks she can have both salvatores coming to her rescue all the time. she denies it, but she loves both of them, hence her predicament of not being able to choose one. I am thankful for the break of stelena/delena angst. And another thing.. Damon kissed her and she has said NOTHING. Why should Damon wait around for her, when it's obvious she doesn't care about him. I swear they were leading up to another bout of Stelena in the last few episodes... *groan* Look forward to Forwood vs Klaroline coming soon - it's the new love triangle, get used to it.


I will say it again. TVD just gets better and better with every episode!!! There was waay too much i liked this epi to discuss. Ecstatic to see Jeremy is coming back to mystic falls. Alaric is awesome... hope he doesn't die! ;'( All the new characters, Sage, Stephanie, (Finn, Kol, etc) were exciting to hear about. Look forward to some Sage/Finn flashbacks!!! Damon/Stefan bromance was much needed. Melena were cute! Meredith's innocence was a shock. Elena/Alaric hug *squeals* Debekah were AWESOME!!!! Just missed my Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Caroline = KLAROLINE FIX.
Keep up the epicness writers. x


I was at PaleyFest last week, and I can tell you that the episode was AMAZING. I think it's important to remember that all the hype from the bloggers was probably because of the setting... We were in a huge theatre, enjoying the episode TOGETHER, as a group. It's like seeing a good movie with a huge crowd; it just makes it more exciting. The entire audience was laughing, gasping and clapping at different points throughout the episode. It sucks that the TV audience didn't think it was exciting, because I definitely felt that it was a great episode. And as far as Sage, people are saying her introduction was lame. And truthfully, I thought she'd play a bigger role. Because we were LED to believe she was the killer! But I think it was genius for the producers to let her hang out, and then bring her in next week to really set up her story. I thought the episode overall was really well done.


Well thanks to Julie Plec... i went from loving delena overall to hating damon. He was such a dick in this episode
The show gets more disturbing from week to week


To John I am a girl and yes its a show but that doesn't mean I cant get pissed at the story plot.


I can't really pinpoint the reason, but I was also underwhelmed with this episode. I feel like I should've been suprised by finding out Alaric was the killer, but it just didn't shock me. I didn't see it coming and yet still my jaw didn't drop to the floor when Elena and Dr. Fell came to the conclusion. There have been many moments in VD history where I have felt that jaw dropping sensation and this just wasn't one of them. I like the story line though. It should be interesting to see how it plays out, but I don't think this episode was as amazing as all the bloggers insisted it was.


I am sort of getting tired of these bloggers telling us how AMAZING an episode is and then we see it and it's was good but not amazing. It was a nice sort of 'filler' episode. Damon has some one liners that made me laugh out loud.
I think it's a good idea for Elena to go back to Matt for a while. She needs to re-group. And the brothers need to fix their totally screwed up relationship. She should see that she is not helping that situation and take a step back...if she really cares about them as she says.
Poor Alaric. Exactly how is he going to get out of this with no jail time? Yes, he didn't know he was doing it, but he murdered 2 people. Someone has to answer for that. I will love to see how they get hime out of that one.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

lol, I have another idea, Elena leaves, moves to NY, meets and marries Ted Mosby - How I met your mother ends and TVD improves = win - win!
I forbid HIMYM from ending till the awesomeness that is Alyson Hannigan is still in it. Elena can go to secret circle for the role of a candle. She is very good at being a prop, after all.


lol, I have another idea, Elena leaves, moves to NY, meets and marries Ted Mosby - How I met your mother ends and TVD improves = win - win!

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