Once Upon a Time Review: Losing Faith

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Once Upon a Time took us on another wild ride in the "Heart of Darkness," as some characters found their faith and others were set adrift.

I loved the episode straight from the very first scene where Charming and Red were searching for Snow and were chased by the King's men. Red told him to go after Snow and she'd handle the group hunting them... but Charming needed to get a head start.

Angry and Charming

I wonder if he had any idea what she had planned when she looked up at the moon and took off her cloak. Red wasn't kidding around when she said she'd take care of them. Do you think there was anything left when she was done?

As we finally saw Snow, it was clear that Rumplestiltskin made a heck of a potion. The once sweet Snow White was almost psychotic as she tried to smash the bluebird flying around the house. Then she called Jiminy "the dirty cricket." He's lucky he got out alive.

The snarling Snow White even managed to tick off Happy and the dwarves' intervention didn't go well. Then she went from trying to kill the vermin in the cottage to taking out the Evil Queen. So, who was the evil one now?

There's a theme here that evil isn't born, it's made, but we still haven't found out what turned the Queen evil. Even though Snow tried to murder her it's not as though she knew about it, so I'm still wondering why she hates her with such passion.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret was arrested for Kathryn's murder. All the evidence pointed to her but the clincher for David was when Archie put him under hypnosis.

Somehow he saw memories from his fairy tale self and completely misinterpreted Snow threatening the Queen for Mary Margaret threatening Kathryn. Does everyone in Storybrooke need to hit Archie's couch to get a clue on their pasts?

I loved it when Mary Margaret pointed out that no matter how much evidence they piled against him, she still believed David - but now that the tables were turned, he'd lost faith in her. Ouch! That's got to hurt.

The longer the story goes on, the less I like David. Where Mary Margaret has retained most of her strength from Snow White, David appears to have become the opposite of Charming. He continually seems cowardly and disloyal. I know it's the curse but it's very disheartening.

Thankfully, Emma still believed in her mom... umm... make that Mary Margaret. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get her to stick around. But who planted that key and where will Mary Margaret go since the curse won't allow her to leave Storybrooke?

August and Henry were a cute pair as they discussed the book. August said he was in town to convince people to believe, specifically Emma. It still begged the question: who is this guy and what's his agenda?

In the fairy tale world, Charming referred to Rumplestiltskin as the most powerful man in the world. Wow! What does that make Mr. Gold?

My romantic heart loved when Snow told Charming she would always find him as they were dragging him away but how many times will this couple be torn apart to have to find one another?

And did Rumple really bottle true love? He said if you can bottle true love, you can do anything? What's his plan and has it carried over to Storybrooke? Will it involve Belle or am I just a hopeless romantic?

Do you still have faith in the power of love on Once Upon a Time?


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I like Charming over David, too but I still like David. We should cut him some slack. He did see those memories of convincing Snow not to kill "her" so it's not like he lost faith in her.


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btw... David is James who has the nick name Charming.... seriously?...


August is Mr. Gold's son. Thus why he can come and go as he pleases. That being said I do believe that Mr. Gold can leave the town as well... i.e. finding Henry in Texas. The reason this is happening is because HE MADE THE CURSE. I'm not sure if Regina can leave because she didn't seem to have complete control of the curse in the first place.
I believe Katherine is alive, just because they found her heart, whole btw, doesn't means that shes dead... Madam Mayor has a whole bunch of hearts.. Gram was still alive with his RL heart but died when she crushed his FTL heart. Plus, i believe she had it because K thought of her as a friend and liked her.. the only other person who liked her .. besides crazy lamp guy.. was oh look at the gram...


I don't like David much either, but I can empathize with him. He's just so lost, we should cut him so slack. He didn't accuse MM of anything, he didn't talk about what he remembered to anyone, but after having those kind of memories, who wouldn't go to that person and at least ask what this all means? I also think Kathryn isn't death, but with Belle, or else Regina would have left the whole body and not only a heart. All in all, I would have found the whole thing very suspicous. MM isn't dumb, why would she bury the heart in a spot that's so important to her, and hide the knife in her own house... where the sheriff lives!! And seriously, her motive and her "anger" would really not be enough to rip someone's heart out, certainly not when that person already decided to leave the man you want. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I can't buy in all that story, which really annoys me because I loved this show so far.


Thank you for saying that!!! People were making me angry about that, I think he is the author and has a major connection to the fairy tale world.
It's not Emma making mistakes, that's ridiculous. If you find a heart, normally, the person is dead. How could she possibly know about Regina's vault? Emma's not making mistakes, if Kathryn is alive then it's purely Regina setting MM up.
@Bored Now
Absolutely agree with you on all counts! And yeah, I think Mr. Gold left the key, or possibly Henry, not absolutely sure.


Guess I'll comment on non-MM, non-Rumple, non-David stuff. LOVED the dwarf intervention scene. When Happy rips into Snow, we just couldn't stop laughing. "Look at what you're doing to Happy!" And, OUAT already has done non-Disney fairytales/myths. Midas is from the Bible. Red Riding Hood is from the original Brothers Grimm tales. The Mirror Man was inspired by tales of Aladdin, or Middle Eastern genies. The scary mermaid was very Lady in the Lake, from the Arthurian legends. And, as we all should know, Lewis Carrol wrote ALICE IN WONDERLAND.


I agree David is letting MaryM down but he is only human and I feel so badly for both of them. They have chemistry to spare!! I love Red/Ruby!! She is so bada** and the actress is gorgeous. They need to make the Queen/Regina a little more human, she's in danger of being too much of an over the top caricature that we can't understand. This show is so beautiful to watch, the colors and the scenery, costumes, etc. Just breathtaking. I don't care for August at ALL. I hope they're not planning to pair him with Emma, ew. Mr. Gold, sigh. He's creepy as Rumple but so sexy as Mr. Gold. Love this show!!


Henry, Emma's son left the key. You know Emma and Regina dont watch him closely and he knows that his mom is always going to do the right thing so he's taking matters into his own hands and looking out for her best interest as well as doing his part. Dont know whats going on with August... wish they would reveal... and David sucks... he should have awoken saying no there has to be something else. Snow as right.


The Snow White and Prince Charming story is getting dragged out, but can they drag it out for let's say four to six seasons? I don't think they can. I give this show two season, three at most. I like it a lot, but it's heavily flawed and too ambitious for its own good.

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