The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: "Into the Lion's Den"

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We're not Danielle Staub sympathizers by any means, but a lot of times, the fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey stars' hatred of her seems just a wee bit over the top.

Last night, she was asking for it, however.

The title of the episode, "Into the Lion's Den," told us all we needed to know before it started, but it was still worth watching Danielle be straight hated on - it always is.

Before we get to that, Teresa and Joe brought their new baby home from the hospital just in time to celebrate their oldest daughter Gia’s ninth birthday - RHONJ style.

If you're imagining a group of spoiled little girls riding in a pink limo to a spa to get facials and other treatments, you nailed it. It's as funny as it is disturbing and sad.

Staub City

With Danielle Staub, there is never a dull moment.

Fortunately for society's sake, some of the little girls in attendance wore expressions of confusion as well as joy, appearing as perplexed and overwhelmed as we were.

It's interesting, though, that Teresa seems to be a genuine, loving parent. She's a very good mom in many respects - instilling materialism from infancy just isn't one.

Entertaining as this was, the real drama of the episode came elsewhere. Forget all about the Thrilla in Manila ... get ready for The Showdown at the Brownstone!

Danielle still insisted on attending the pediatric cancer charity event being held at the Brownstone, even though she (and we) knew exactly what awaited her there.

She recruits friends to accompany her and to protect her. That's totally how we roll when we insist on going to charity events and parties where everyone hates us.

Even funnier than the fact that the event is being held at the fortress of Danielle’s nemeses, the Manzos, Danielle actually has no money to contribute to the charity. 

Perhaps she could get a job, or return to her prostitution whore ways to drum up cash? No, she starts soliciting it from other people. So far beyond tacky, it defies words.

Danielle greets the mom of the cancer patient for whom this charity event is organized by saying: “Whatever you need, whatever you want. Just don’t hesitate to call me.” 

She has no money, remember.

The mom wipes away tears and looks at Danielle with gratitude. Basically, Danielle has managed to make this pediatric cancer charity event all about her ... sickening.

Or sickeningly wonderful? After bouts of talking trash and threats, Danielle decides she has had it and "people at this establishment should be ashamed of themselves."


The event was an abject disaster of epic proportions for her and gave the Manzos even more ammo against Danielle. In other words, this episode gets a solid three stars!

That's it in a nutshell. For more comprehensive analysis, follow this link for a far more in-depth Real Housewives of New Jersey recap from our celebrity gossip website.

Into the Lion's Den Review

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