Melrose Place Round Table: "San Vicente"

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Following the best Melrose Place episode of the season, our staff couldn't wait to gather for this week's Round Table discussion.

From break-ups to floating bodies to the sexiest shot in TV history, there's a great deal for fans to analyze and comment on. As always, reader feedback on the topics below is strongly encouraged...

Were you satisfied with the resolution to Sydney's murder?
M.L. House: Absolutely. You knew it wasn't gonna be a main character, but at least the show didn't cop out and pin the deed on some random stranger. Plus, it added the subtle reveal that David is likely Noah's biological father. Scandalous! Awesome!

Dr. Shepherd: Actually yes. It actually made sense (in a Melrose Place kind of way) in how it tied together the suspicious whereabouts of David, Michael and Sydney herself the night of the murder. Violet strangling Vanessa was awesome, because everyone has to die in the pool and because we knew Violet was bad news from the start. Amanda stepping in to get her back with the cops was another interesting wrinkle, as you know she's got ulterior motives.

The Barnacle: Not at all. Unless there's still a way we get to watch Violet get the needle.


Will Lauren be okay?
M.L. House: Physically? Yes. In the eyes of God? Not for many years.

Dr. Shepherd: She will. Her relationship, though? Hearing she's a hooker likely won't go over well with David, who she chastised for his thieving ways.

The Barnacle: Yes. She's actually dating the ideal man when it comes to blurring the lines of morality and decency. David will likely just ask for a threesome and be cool with it all.

Eulogize the end of Jonah and Riley.
M.L. House: You were boring. You brought out the worst in one another and now you have moved on to a better place. May Riley find someone as hot as Ella with whom to rebound.

Dr. Shepherd: Zzzzz. Those two were even together? Sorry, I'm conditioned to sleep through that boredom.

The Barnacle: A little holiday themed tribute to Riles: "She's the worrrrst fi-an-cee of the year ... she lost the best fella ... and now he's with Ella ... whose screams he will hear ... She's the worrrrrst fi-an-cee OF the YEAR!"

Best shot of the night: Ella in lingerie; Violet in shock over killing Vanessa; Amanda and Sydney in church.
M.L. House: I'm sorry. I didn't see any option after reading the words "Ella in lingerie," so gonna have to go with that one.

Dr. Shepherd: Amanda and Sydney in church was great, but Ashlee Simpson trying to look shocked after her character killed Vanessa took the cake. Or maybe we're not giving her enough credit and Violet is just such a cold-hearted b!tch that she doesn't know what shocked feels like. Yeah, that's it...

The Barnacle: All great scenes, but only one of them nearly caused the need for a fresh pair of pants. Sorry, but I get really excited by a good strangulation.

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[on Violet] I saw everything, officer. It was clearly self-defense.


[to Amanda] Don't you ever get tired of falsely accusing people? Even the lord rested on the seventh day.