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Lauren & David

Lauren gets a call from Rick about a "job." She meets with him and he wants to do drugs before they bone. She says no, but Rick does some. Sex commences and goes well for him. But it turns out he slipped her something and she's really hurting.

Michael says to David, via phone call from jail, that he knows Vanessa killed Sydney. He begs David to protect Noah before Vanessa can skip town with him.

David picks Noah up from school. He calls Lauren to cancel a date and hears she is in bad shape. David gets there in time to take her to the hospital.

He had to leave Noah with Violet though.

Amanda, Sydney & Vanessa

Amanda is heading back to LA from NYC and has a flashback to seeing Sydney in a church. They were involved in a little art dealing and Amanda is missing a $19 million painting. She thinks Sydney took it.

Vanessa came after Sydney for sleeping with Michael and saw David in Sydney's bed the night she died.

Sydney implies she knows Vanessa slept with David too and Vanessa says it was way before she was with Michael.

Five years ago. Noah is five years old. Hmm.

Vanessa proceeds to fight with Sydney, stabbing her and knocking her into the pool.


David dumps Noah on Violet, as we mentioned, who is drawing pictures of Auggie like a big ol' stalker. Vanessa comes looking for David and hears Noah inside Violet's apartment.

When she confronts Violet, Violet says she knows Vanessa killed Sydney and we see in a flashback that Sydney came to accept that Violet was her daughter.

Back in the present, Violet and Vanessa fight and Violet chokes her her in the pool. She is comforted by... Amanda. Holy crap.

When they police come, Amanda says Vanessa was going to pull a gun on Violet and that it was clearly self-defense.

Amanda's clearly got plans for Violet, though.

Riley, Jonah, Ella, Auggie

Riley is stressing over wedding plans so Jonah suggests they elope to Las Vegas. Ella is totally depressed over having lost Jonah from her life.

She tries to apologize to Jonah and he's having none of it. Until Ella dangles a pitch with big director Curtis Heller in front of Jonah.

Riley goes to apologize to Auggie and spills about the elopement. Auggie tells her she's making a mistake. Riley storms off.

Jonah makes his pitch it Curtis Heller and it doesn't go that well... until Ella tracks him down later and says Heller wants to buy his movie.

Riley tells Jonah Vegas can wait because he has to work on his pitch. Jonah sees it for the excuse that it is. They break up.

When Riley gets back to the apartment, Auggie tells her the break-up is all for the best and kisses her (which Violet sees).

Riley storms off, and Auggie drinks. Jonah goes to see Ella and they get it on, baby.

Melrose Place
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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

[on Violet] I saw everything, officer. It was clearly self-defense.


[to Amanda] Don't you ever get tired of falsely accusing people? Even the lord rested on the seventh day.