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I totally hate Aaron! Like what is he's problem? I knew he was bad, hated him since they were placing him in th show as S's new love interest. But wth? I never knew he was gonna be this bad! What an ASS!

What does S see in him anws? Dan is 10x much better, no wait, waayyyyy better! How can she choose Aaron over Dan. I so don't understand.

Aaron should be set in flames & kicked off th show asap! Th sight of him irks me! & Dan should really buck up, take Serena back!


1. favorite GG quote:
thats hard. i love blair's lines as always. but what striked me as the most memorable was the one wherein she said she was expecting cary grant then got danny devito. then when she said to serena "what abt the gnome? i need to take him down!". i just love how leighton said these lines. love blair!
2. about jenny's career and emancipation plans:
i sure hope she gets a clue. she hasnt changed. she just chose a different path to conquer. last season being part of blair's clique look how that turned out. this season catapulting her fashion career. she needs to grow up real bad.
3. cyrus or aaron:
i have to say hands down cyrus! i love vizzini and mr hall aka wallace shawn. hopefully he will be a good influence on the waldorf ladies. thats a smart gnome beating the queen bee at her own game.
4. nate or vanessa:
nate was in the hamptons with his mom. vanessa? couldnt care less where she is as long as she stays far far away.
5. will bart and chuck repair their relationship?
oohh i sure hope so for chuck's sake. it will help ease the hurt when what will happen happen.


1. My fave GG quotes were all from Blair making a big deal on how she's gonna be mature cause she'll be 18 and being all Grace Kelly...haha

2. I hope Jenny will get what she wants and then all gone into flames...cause she needs to stop being selfish...but somehow Rufus is just so not understanding, but he made a point on how Jenny was lying and manipulating to make her dreams almost come true...and the thing that it really bothered me was...how silly she was (she could've stopped agnes from burning her clothes) screaming, yelling and crying, "stop it, what are u doing?" or "are u out of ur mind?" hahah...seems like she's still a 15 year old with thick make up to hide her naive look.

3. Definitely Cyrus. Cyrus is a genius. Blair is right. He's just so funny, he made me laugh and he really cared for Eleanor, so that's a good thing. Aaron, geez...i used to think he was cool and more and more...i finally will say that he's an ass and he's so weird! what the hell! dating anyone else at the same time...but then he's crazy bout Serena...he's just lying! if a guy is crazy about a girl, he wouldn't be seeing other girls, he'll be with her...just like how Dan felt with Serena..now that's LOVE! well S, i guess he's just not that into you. (and S is just retarded lately...wearing a pajama? and into Aaron Rose? over Dan? really?) but maybe it is time for S and D to part ways....for now! hehe

4. Nate is taking a break from all the drama in GG world...and V is hiding from GossipGuy...haha, i feel bad for V that everyone hates her...so im gonna support her (not that i like her..) and i think this episode is great...eventhough there was no C/B action..i think the writers should cool the action down...and make everyone happy in the end. and everyone wonders why B's party is different...thats because B has a whole new contacts for her "grown-up" party so thats why N and C were not there...but i hope she'll make another hit party! love u B.

5. Chuck and Bart are son and father...ofcourse they will repair their relationship! they're family.


1. Favourite quote from the episode:

Blair when she, her mother and Cyrus are discussing the peonies and she attempts to mantain control:
"Grace Kelly... Grace Kelly..."
Blair's character is genius.

2. Jenny's dillema:

Screw Jenny, her storyline angers me, I agree with what the majority have said on this issue.

3. Which Rose should go?

Aaron. Definately. I just don't get him.

4. Nate and Vanessa?

Where probably off with the writers wondering why they're in the show in the first place as neither of them seem to have a storyline that ties in with any of the characters. Though Nate is most likely with his mother in the Hamptons, what did his letter to Jenny say? I didn't relise the post was so slow if you mailed it within the same city.

5. Basses:

Very touching at the end, but dito to Miss Meester, if the rumours are true, and it seems to be widely agreed that they are; it doesn't seem like their little father-son romance will last too long. Shame.


Nate is in the Hamptons. My guess on Vanessa is she is in Vermont with her parents. I doubt she is at work cuz Dan would've checked in on her. Jenny living on the streets is mental. Why couldnt she have just beat Agnus to a pulp. I wanted to cry during the Chuck and Bart scenes.


What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
my favorite quote from monday nights episode is
"i wanted a harry winston chocker but i got a conscious instead."
Will Jenny get her way with this emancipation plan, or have her fashion dreams gone up in flames?
i personally think she will get her way but it is going to be extremely hard to she needs to stop wearing all the eyeliner. i saw several stills from next monday's episode (which happens to be my 21st birthday so i will end up DVRing it) but she is in photos with rufus and lily at her families apt in brooklyn.
Which Rose do you prefer, Cyrus or Aaron?
i really don't know about them. i am trying to give aaron a chance. and cyrus nice one doing a blair. aaron is cute he maybe a douche but i am trying to give him a chance.
Where were Nate and Vanessa?
nate was probably with his mom in the hamptons doing his brooding cause he is hot. and vanessa was probably somewhere in brooklyn getting away from the elite.
Will Bart and Chuck repair their relationship?
i hope but with rumors that bart maybe murdered or dying i don't think so. but it would be great to see both of them going out on a father and son outing at a game or something.


THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE ADDRESSES THE FACT THAT JENNY DID NOT STOP AGNES FROM BURNING HER DRESSES. That was quite possibly the worst gossip girl scene of all time. That and anything that has to do with Aaron


my favorite quote was:

"Screw Grace Kelly. I need a plan"



Yes an NVless episode is gooood but I'd rather have them if we could get CB scenes... Totally ignoring CB's relationship on B's birthday is a bit weird, given the ordeal that was Nate's absence at B's 17th birthday. I'm still hoping he gives her a present for her "real" birthday.
And LOL gossip guy, yes plenty of women are more beautiful than Lily!!!! Chuck's mom for instance!


1. I have to agree with "DANDY" when Blair was discussing Cyrus' love for hugs and his absolutely nerdy catchphrase. Priceless B.

2. I'm kind of rooting for Jenny and her dreams of becoming a great designer. I myself have big hopes and dreams for the future. But it's really time for Rufus to step up and it's time for Jenny to understand that not everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

3. I definitely prefer Cyrus over Aaron. At first, i thought that Aaron was going to be a great addition to the GG cast. He's hot, mysterious, and to my total suprise a completel douche. Serena needs to kick his ass to the curb officially... hopefully he won't be on the show for very much longer. But I love Cyrus! It's always fun to see someone out-smart Blair Waldorf!

4. As for Vanessa I could care less where that loser was. But I was desperately craving a scene with Nate. Where has this sexy gossip guy gone to?? Guess we'll find out next week!

5.i really want to see Chuck and Bart mend their relationship. But judging by mass amounts of rumors about the death of Bart Bass, it's not looking too good for Chuck. And it's definitely not looking too good for Dan if he runs that article he wrote... And while we're on the topic of Dan Humphrey... I wasn't digging him this week. He's turing into a selfish-douchebag.

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