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Song Echo Gossip Girl Cyndi Lauper iTunes
Song What Is A Life? Youth Group
Satellites Satellites We Know, Plato! iTunes
Be somebody Be Somebody Kings of Leon iTunes
Song Closer Gossip Girl Kings of Leon iTunes
Sex on fire Sex on Fire Kings of Leon iTunes
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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Blair: He's totally unsuitable.
Serena: Who?
Blair: Cyrus. He's five feet tall. He has a catchphrase. And he's a hugger. I was expecting Cary Grant and I got Danny DeVito!

Blair: Serena, I called you like 10 times last night! Where have you been?
Serena: I went to the dentist at lunch, and yesterday, I met Aaron in Times Square. B, it was the most romantic thing...
Blair: Who cares about plaque or pretentious artists when your best friend is having a meltdown!