13 Fabulous Looks & Lines of Diane Lockhart

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Diane Lockhart may have started out as a secondary character but her role grew as The Good Wife did.

By season six, she was just as important as Alicia Florrick, despite the fact that Alicia was the good wife.

On the spin off, she'll finally get the starring role that she's deserved all these years.

Known for her wit as well as her fashion sense, Diane is a force to be reckoned with.

Read on as I display her sharpest outfits along with some of her best quotes.

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1. On Owning Your Flaws

On Owning Your Flaws
"I have faults. I'm easily mezmerized by people who use multi-syllable words and men who can discuss Tolstoy."

2. On Opportunities

On Opportunities
"You know why I was made partner? Jonas Stern was sued for sexual harassment, and he needed to show that he had a female partner. That's all. When the door that you have been knocking at finally swings open, you don't ask why, you run through. That is the simple fact. No one is here to make it comfortable for you. No one is here to appreciate your moping. So this is my advice to you — take a minute for yourself, put on your best gracious voice, find a way to wear a smile, and then come into the conference room ready to thank the equity partners for giving you this opportunity. Because what is given can quickly be taken away."

3. On Valuing Yourself

On Valuing Yourself
"I want what I'm worth."

4. On Democracy

On Democracy
"If I were to set off a bomb in this room we'd have Democratic Presidents for the next thirty years."

5. On Law

On Law
"The law is supposed to be fair, not impersonal. In fact, I would argue that the law is always personal. It has to see the human side too or else it's meaningless."

6. On Feminism

On Feminism
"I want you to think of me as a mentor, Alicia. It's the closest thing we have to an old boy's network in this town. Women helping women, okay?"

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The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.

Bad things happen to good people.