Lucca: Do you ever feel like this is getting out of hand? Like the more we dig, the more there is to dig.
Jay: I don’t know, but what can we do but keep digging.

Julius: If that’s so, what do I do?
Diane: Fight.

Liz: What are you saying?
Diane: We all have to obey the law. If we’re told the check in with the police every 90 days, we do it. But certain people don’t have to. They’re given special treatment. Epstein had friends in high places, and then they stopped being friends, and they started worrying about him. That’s why he’s dead.
Adrian: I’m so glad you don’t believe in conspiracy theories.
Diane: That is America. That is not incompetence. There is a special fucking off-ramp for the well connected.

Liz: Anyone named BUD?
Lawyer: No, but I heard him mention BUD a few times.
Liz: In what context?
Lawyer: Look, I’ll tell you if you promise you’ll take down Dershowitz.
Diane: Why? Is he BUD?
Lawyer: No, but I still hate his guts. The guy would sell his grandmother to suck up to the rich and famous. And for the purposes of any potential lawsuits, that is just my opinion, not a statement of facts.

Lucca: We do think we’ve deciphered the numbers in the envelope.
Diane: Really? What?
Lucca: Jay.
Jay: We think Lady M.S. refers to Lady Morgan Sidney in a sci-fi novel about sex slaves called “Space Relations.”
Liz: What?

Diane: Past performance does not predict future results.
Liz: Especially with us. I mean we lost ChumHum, we had the fallout from my dad. Let us not forget why we joined STR Laurie in the first place.
Adrian: Liz, it’s our only move. Now, we are building revenue every day. Now, you say you got Dincon engaged. If we don’t get out from STR Laurie, ain’t no telling what’s next. They don’t value our work, our employees, our history, or our culture. They want us for their black faces on their diversity reports.

Adrian: You’re dictating our staffing methods.
Firth: I don’t consider it dictating.
Diane: What do you consider it?
Firth: Stewardship, which by the way, significantly increases all our income.
Diane: Except for the people who are fired.

There is another way to look at this. Everybody loves a puzzle – I get that. Everybody loves the secret word that solves everything, but let’s not call conspiracy something that could just as easily be described as incompetence. Look, I had workers come to my house every week, every damn week, to fix a broken faucet. They said they fixed it. About a week goes by, and I have to call somebody else to fix their work. That’s not a conspiracy; that is incompetence. People do just enough work to get by. So the camera was broken out of Epstein’s cell, incompetence. The guards were surfing the web and then fell asleep, incompetence. The prison didn’t secure the crime scene, incompetence. I mean that is America.


Andreas: I don’t want to get caught up in any of his mess.
Lucca: Yeah, but you were on a flight with him before his arrest.
Andreas: It was a mid-flight haircut. He knew he was being arrested. He wanted to look good. Plus, prison haircuts are just brutal.

Liz: Let’s just not make any promises that we can’t keep.
Adrian: I just this really odd moment of déjà vu, being married. We had the exact same conservation.
Liz: How’d that work out?
Adrian: We made promises we couldn’t keep.

Marissa: OK, so this is how all mysteries end, don’t they – empty, pointless, stupid.
Jay: We’re the stupid ones for obsessing on BUD. It probably had nothing to do with it, just a nickname or something or someone.
Marissa: Yeah, I think we lost track of the real story: the underage girls. We were chasing a whodunit in the middle of a tragedy.

Diane: You gave me pro bono cases to keep my billable hours low.
Firth: I also knew you’d be good at it too.
Diane: You fucker.
Firth: Diane, name calling? We’re all on the same side.
Diane: You set me up just to keep us from leaving.
Firth: I’m a jealous boss. I don’t want you to leave; I want to cling close to you like a vine. Also, I kind of like the look on your face that you were outplayed. The Zen master said that in every experience there is a lesson. And the lesson here is that you three are fucked.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.