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The Dark Mute joins Wilkin and Annora, imploring Wilkin to sit. Wilkin sits and takes Annora's hand.

Milus looks through Ruskin's things at the chapel, finding a secret compartment of weaponry, remarking to himself that they are deadly tools for a priest. He spots Leon frustrated and praying in the chapel.

Ruskin and Luca are confined to the cave, watched over by Robinus' men.

Love and Isabel discuss what to do with Jessamy, since she is still in captivity and will expect her son to be back. Isabel offers to spin a tale to put Jessamy's mind at ease. Love expresses her gratitude and agrees. Isabel asks Love about her affection for Wilkin and Love admits to it. Isabel points out that Love would seem to have acquired the adventure she was looking for.

Toran confronts Locke, revealing his true identity. Locke is prepared to die and refuses to plead for mercy, saying his actions were his alone. Toran says that Locke has earned a fair fight. Locke wins and spares Toran, saying they are now even, though Toran is fully prepared to die and rejoin his wife and son. Locke promises he won't give away Toran’s true identity and leaves him there. Toran weeps.

Annora reveals her story to Wilkin: that Jesus was just a man who God spoke through, that he believed that devotion was a singular experience, and that an institution such as the church would only lead to greed and destruction. She explains that the Seraphim carry the words of Jesus to pass along from generation to generation, and that it will be given to men when they are capable of understanding it. She says that there is always one that carries the blood of Jesus and twelve disciples to protect the one. Wilkin realizes that she carries the blood. Annora explains that it was intended for Jesus' blood to reveal the truth when the time is right. She admits to Wilkin that she is a descendant of Jesus and implies but does not confirm that Wilkin is her son (by the Dark Mute). She tells him to reach out to the ones he loves and ask for their help, as Jesus did, in order to save Luca and the priest.

Wilkin goes to see Love. He tells her that the priest and Luca were taken by men who were looking for Annora. He explains that the Rosula, under Robinus, are looking for Annora because she holds texts that pose a threat to the church. Love finds it hard to believe that a pious man like Robinus would do such a thing, but Wilkin suggests that they need to take men to Robinus to see whether what Annora spoke was true. Wilkin asks for men who will fight under no banner (so as to not endanger the shire or Love's reign) to take against the church and suggests his own men, asking for reductions in their servitude sentences in exchange for their fighting with him. Love suggests recruiting Milus for this purpose. Wilkin informs Love that Milus knows his true identity.

Sir Cormac questions Ruskin about the whereabouts of Annora. He threatens Luca's life, so Luca gives up fake information about Annora's whereabouts to save himself. Sir Cormac leaves them alive and dispatches men to search the briars for Annora.

Berber and the scribe Aiden discuss the scribe's secret Judaism. The scribe asks what price or favor Berber will ask in exchange for keeping the secret. Berber reveals his Quran, admitting his secret "heretical" religion as well. Berber asks what crime had Aiden sentenced to 20 years. Aiden admits that he stabbed a man 4 times with his dagger, a knight who made fun of his "Jew face." The man lived and Aiden was tortured and left to die. Berber reveals that he came from scholars and escaped the conquest. His wife and daughter escaped separately from him.

Lady Love relates Annora's story to Milus. She admits to him that they both know that he is Wilkin Brattle and that she knows Milus knew about his true identity from the beginning. Milus agrees to provide the men to take back the priest and boy, in exchange for Lady Love remaining open to the idea of marrying Baron Pryce to protect the shire. Lady Love admits that despite Milus' tactics, she is fond of Milus. Milus returns the compliment.

Jessamy questions Isabel about why she is still being confined. She asks why she has yet to see her son. Isabel continues the lie, but almost slips up by saying he is hunting instead of fishing. Jessamy notices that Isabel accidentally left the key behind.

Annora and Wilkin meet with Milus, Love, Toran, Ash and Berber to discuss strategy. Berber suggests recruiting Aiden. Love hints at involving the Wolf and his men (though it is unclear to the others that that is what she's suggesting). Love tells Annora that she will be safe staying in the castle. They decide that they will require the sword of Annora's companion.

Jessamy escapes and goes back to her house looking for Luca. She instead finds the Dark Mute. She asks who he is and where her son is, accusing the man of being a demon. She runs out and straight to the torture chamber. There she sees the group plotting Luca's and the priest's rescue. She has another breakdown and starts screaming that they are conspiring. She moves to attack Lady Love and is punched, knocked out by Milus.

Sir Cormac returns and tells Ruskin that they didn't find Annora where Luca told them to look. Ruskin agrees to tell them the truth.

Leon and Locke lock up Jessamy. Wilkin wonders what will become of her. Leon is left alone with Wilkin and tells him that Jessamy mentioned his true name as she was being defined. Wilkin admits all and tells Leon that the cross Leon wears belonged to Petra and accuses him of having killed pregnant Petra and the unborn child. Leon denies having killed Petra, saying he couldn't bring himself to do it, and Wilkin refuses to believe him. They fight, Wilkin gaining the upper hand. He is about to kill him when he sees a vision of Petra in Jessamy's place, telling him "no, my love." Wilkin backs off and recounts to Leon how he found Petra and the unborn baby. Leon has the realization that Milus knew all along and used the truth to mold Wilkin into his soldier.

Milus reenters, telling the men that Love only wants Jessamy to be confined, not tortured, until a trial can be had. Milus asks Leon what happened between him and Wilkin, and Leon says that it is not anything that Milus did not already know.

Robinus and his men arrive at the caves by the sea. He instructs Sir Cormac to kill the boy slowly if this is another deception.

Wilkin goes to convene with Lady Love in the chapel where she is lighting candles. Love asks Wilkin about their shared vision. They discuss his journey and what brought them together. Toran interrupts, asking if Wilkin is ready. Love asks Wilkin to be sure to find his way home and he vows to return. He kisses her hand and leaves for his journey.

As the group is preparing to leave, Locke and Leon show up, offering their help and acknowledging that they are not doing it for plunder. Wilkin hesitantly agrees. Leon returns Petra's cross to Wilkin and the whole group rides off.

Annora plays at the organ. She tells Love that her father used to play it. Love asks about Annora's home. Annora says that she was always on the road, and home was with the comfort of her parents. She brings up Love's comfort found with Wilkin. Love questions what Annora's bond with Wilkin is. Annora counsels that answers will come in time, and to seek out the company of those she holds dear.

The men arrive at the shore and encounter the Welsh rebels led by the Wolf. Milus and Leon express hesitation at being able to trust the Wolf. Wilkin and Toran assure them that they have honor and can be trusted. One of the Rosula spies on the meeting.

The Rosula ride, bringing along Ruskin and Luca, and encounter Wilkin and his men. Wilkin notices that they are outnumbered and that the Rosula are heavily armored. The Dark Mute goes on foot to the front lines and tells Wilkin that they will not defeat the Rosula on horses. Wilkin questions him and the Templar assures Wilkin he will understand. Wilkin instructs the men to follow his lead and get down from their horses.

Sir Cormac recognizes the Chamberlain and realizes that Annora is being held at Ventris castle. The Rosula ride forward as the Mute douses himself in flames and sets off an explosion, taking out several of the Rosula and their horses. He fights them, flaming, as Wilkin and his men charge into battle.

The Dark Mute falls dead. Back at the castle, Annora falters playing her music, having sensed his death.

On the battlefield, Sir Cormac attempts to flee. Robinus is in disbelief and refuses to leave. Berber releases Ruskin and Luca from their bonds. Ruskin goes to kill Robinus. Robinus warns him off, saying that if Ruskin kills him, Ruskin will secure his own place in hell. Luca sneaks up behind him and kills Robinus before Ruskin can. Ruskin and the boy exchange a nod and Ruskin goes to fight with the other men.

Sir Cormac runs up and sees Robinus dead by Luca's hand. He goes to attack Luca in a rage, and the boy manages to escape him and injure the man before being found by Wilkin. Sir Cormac runs off, wounded but alive, and Luca stops Wilkin from going after him, begging him to please stay.

The battle won, Milus questions why the Wolf risked so many of his men, for what gain. The Wolf says they never fight for gain, only to protect what is theirs. The men see Wilkin return with a safe Luca.

Milus, with Ruskin and Leon, reports back to Lady Love at the castle that the battle is won and all are safe. Lady Love embraces Ruskin. Ruskin goes off to change his clothes and sleep. Leon and Milus exchange tense words before Leon goes off.

Milus and Love discuss who of their number is dead. Milus brings up the rebels and Love feigns surprise, guessing that maybe they heard about the boy and priest and wanted to help. Milus watches Love rub her stomach. Love asks Milus how long until the truth of her non-pregnancy is known. He estimates two or three months. He suggests that they feign a miscarriage. She agrees. He pledges his aggressive tactics to her service, always. They exchange a smile and he leaves her.

Isabel and the French servant sneak into the torture chamber under the pretense of bringing rags to the torturer. They unlock Jessamy's cage.

Wilkin goes to see Annora, bringing Toran and Luca with him. Annora is thrilled to see them all alive. Toran takes Luca away to be bathed. Wilkin tells Annora about the outcome of the battle, comforting her about the death of her mate (which she already knows about, having sensed it).

Love enters the chamber and Wilkin kisses her deeply. Annora looks on.

Isabel and Milus help the French servant load Jessamy into a wagon of dead skins and disguise the load. Isabel gives the servant a remedy to keep Jessamy unconscious. Milus instructs the servant to bring Jessamy and a bag of coins to Baron Pryce's man, and gives the servant his cloak to keep warm. As Isabel and the chamberlain head back to the castle, Isabel questions what will become of Jessamy. Milus says she'll be taken to Pryceshire and will be treated for her madness with remedies. Milus makes a pass at Jessamy and Jessamy appears to accept.

Lady Love prepares for bed with a shirtless Wilkin in the room. They discuss Wilkin's multiple identities and Lady Love expresses how her life changed when he arrived. She asks if he loves her and he says he's always loved her. They have sex.

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This place holds no mercy.


I follow the orders of my commander. But I alone own the blood that my blade spills. I've earned no mercy.