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Winning the tarp in last week’s episode immediately paid off for the men at the start of this week.  The morning after the second tribal council thunder storms rolled in to camp and did not let up for two days.  Under their tarp the men were able to stay dry and keep their fire going to stay warm.  The women were not as fortunate and suffered.

The rain would not even stop for the reward challenge.  The two tribes competed in a memory challenge in the rain which created one on one match ups to memorize an order of items with a limited viewing time.  While it took Kat seven tries to defeat Troyzan the other four women easily dispatched their men counterparts and the women won easily, 5-0.  For their efforts they were given fishing gear and a canoe.

Back at camp the women continued to suffer in the damp and cold environment.  The men, meanwhile remained dry with fire and the women did their best to borrow a few moments of cover and dry.  Annoyed at the women consistently taking advantage of them the men asked for use of the boat in return, but were denied.

A day of sunshine and good fishing renewed the women’s spirits heading in to the reward challenge.  Unfortunately the women once again fell far behind the men as Sabrina struggled calling out to her blindfolded teammates.  Bill and the men took advantage of a significant lead while putting together the final puzzle, building a four piece lead.  With Kim directing her movements, Sabrina shocked the men and led the women to an improbable victory.

Reeling from their loss, the men returned to camp to face their first tribal council.  Matt was confident his four-person alliance would dominate the tribe.  It had the opposite effect.  Forced together, the remaining five members of the men’s tribe became the dominant alliance.  Jay, Bill and James saw the writing on the wall, abandoned Matt and joined the five to send him home.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm a republican, I'm not a democrat. I do not believe in handouts.


I literally just wanted somebody to punch me so I could be knocked out last night.