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The episode begins with the usual warning, but apparently there will be no nudity in tonight's episode. In a related story, worst episode ever.

In Charming, Clay is preparing to go on a SAMCRO blood drive charity ride. Gemma helps him inject Cortisone into his arthritic hands, no doubt further damaged by the punches he landed on Gemma's car last week. He'll be gone for the night, and tells Gemma that he hopes the time away will help her deal with her issues.

Jax is also getting ready for the charity ride, an event that surprises Tara. She teases Jax about the community-mindedness of the club. As Jax leaves to tend to his crying son, he tells Tara he loves her. She responds in kind and then, sitting on the bed looking at his club jacket, realizes that she's Jax's "old lady." Jax grins at the realization.

The rest of the crew preps for the ride by making fun of Bobby's decision to ride a smokey, spewing, broken-down motorcycle (a fat boy on a fatboy). They also comment on his odd choice in leather riding gear, giving him the nickname Captain Chaps. They soon move from busting Bobby's balls to discussing Half-Sack's. Seems the prospect is preparing to get an artificial testicle once his insurance kicks in. Piney stays behind, and Clay tells him to watch the garage. Piney says he'll look after Gemma, too, but Clay shoots him down. As the crew, joined by other members of the club, ride out of Charming, Ethan Zobelle watches them from his storefront

As SAMCRO continues its run, the Charming branch splits off from the group and arrives at a military surplus store. Cameron and Edmund Hayes, the Irish gun dealers, are using the store as a front. It turns out that the charity ride is itself a front for SAMCRO's gun-running activities. As they discuss their plans, Edmund lets it slip that some of their group's leaders may be headed stateside. Chibs takes the news seriously.

At the garage, a package arrives for Gemma. It's a Sherman's Men's Store bag containing the white rubber mask her attackers wore when she was raped. She heads to Zobelle's store, which stands on the former location of Sherman's Men's Store. Turned away by Zobelle, she runs into AJ Weston and notices the tattoo on his throat: it is the same one that one of her rapists had. She returns to her car and sits in the driver's seat, watching the store. An over-aggressive shopper pulls up, honking and demanding to know if Gemma is going to leave her spot. Gemma pulls a gun on the woman, causing her to speed off.

On the charity ride, Bobby's busted bike begins belching black smoke, causing Tig to run off the road and injure himself. The crew brings Tig to the hospital, where Bobby and Half-Sack wait with him. A nurse tells Bobby that because of Tig's limited insurance, he cannot be treated at that hospital and will need to be transported to another location (again with the insurance? When is the government going to pass the Motorcycle Gang Option?). Another nurse makes a personal phone call, asking the person on the other end to run a background check on Tig.

In Charming, Chief Unser approaches Gemma's car, following up on a report of her pulling a gun. Gemma does not get the big deal. "I didn't shoot her," she scoffs. Unser asks for the gun, telling her he'll give it back to her later. Gemma shows him the bag and the mask and tells Unser it was what her attackers were wearing. Unser offers to take Gemma home, but she sees Weston leaving Zobelle's shop and follows him instead.

Unser visits Zobelle, telling him that he knows what he is. He threatens Zobelle, telling him that his time will come and that, in Charming, the people who do not belong disappear.

It turns out that the call the nurse made was to a group of bounty hunters, whose van screeches to a halt in front of the hospital as Tig is wheeled outside. The bounty hunters leap out, weapons drawn, and grab Tig. Powerless to do anything, Bobby and Half-Sack watch as Tig is thrown into the van. The two jump on their bikes to follow, but Bobby's sputters and won't start, leaving Half-Sack responsible for following the vehicle.

On the charity ride, Clay is told that Tig has been captured. Clay wants to finish the gun delivery before going after Tig. Jax thinks they should go after Tig now and finish the drop later. This leads to an argument between the two, and Clay tries to drive off. His arthritic hands cause his bike to tip and he cannot right it. He stalks off, and Opie follows to calm him down. Opie tells him that they need to go after Tig, and that though his schism with Jax is affecting the entire club, Opie has his back.

In the hospital, Unser meets with Tara to tell her that he thinks all is not right with Gemma and that it's only a matter of time before she hurts someone. Unser compares Gemma and Tara and reveals that they're not so different. Tara asks Unser if he thinks a doctor and a biker can work. He says that if you find something that doesn't make you miserable, enjoy it. Gemma, meanwhile, is not enjoying her stakeout. She ignores a call from Clay as she watches Weston meet with a bunch of musclebound Aryans at a build site.

In the bounty hunters' van, Tig uses insults to try to get his captors talking. After receiving a punch to the face for his efforts, Tig learns that he's being transported to Oregon for an outstanding warrant on a 2001 assault and indecent exposure inside a livestock transport (we've all been there). Knowing that the bounty hunters cannot take him in if he's been beaten, he continues to insult his captors until they lash out at him. Tig, bloodied and bruised, has played them perfectly and the group has to stop at a motel to rest and patch him up.

Half-Sack relays this information to the rest of the crew, which leads to another argument between Jax and Clay. Jax thinks they should storm the motel room now and rescue Tig. Clay wants them to wait until dark and until more men arrive. Jax's concern is that Tig will not be there if they wait until nightfall; Clay is concerned about drawing attention, as the crew plans on using this route to continue running guns. The argument turns into a shoving match, which Bobby breaks up. He tells the two men that they need to calm down, but Jax instead hooks up with Piney - who had arrived with a flatbed truck to pick up Tig's busted bike. Piney hands Jax a shotgun, and the two, joined by Half-Sack and Chibs, head off to the motel to rescue Tig. At the motel, Piney makes for a quick extraction, backing the flatbed through the wall of the motel. SAMCRO storms the room and rescues Tig.

At the build site, Gemma watches as Weston finishes his meeting and enters a port-a-john. She pulls out another gun and enters the adjacent bathroom, intent on killing him. Weston emerges and, unbeknownst to him, Gemma draws down on his back. At that moment, Weston receives a phone call from his child, who he calls Poofy - reason enough right there to kill him. Gemma cannot bring herself to kill Weston and retreats back into the port-a-john. That night, Unser visits her at home to return her other gun. He tells her that he will not let anything else bad happen to her.

The Charming branch of SAMCRO meets up with the rest of the club and hands off the guns. Opie tries to discuss the rescue with Jax, but Jax tells him that he thinks Opie is in Clay's pocket. At the post-ride party, Bobby, Chibs and Opie discuss the divide between Jax and Clay. Bobby says that they need to lock the two in a room and force them to solve their problems. Opie says that Jax needs to get over his "dead daddy issues." Chibs claims that Jax is just naturally trying to replace the aging Clay. Opie says that Clay isn't going anywhere.

Only he is. Clay goes and finds Jax sitting alone at the party. He tells Jax that he needs to stop undermining his every move. Jax tells Clay that he needs to "get right" with what Clay did: trying to kill Opie and instead murdering Donna. As the episode ends, Clay tells Jax that whatever he needs to do, he better do it soon, because if Jax ever mentions Donna or the incident again, he'll kill him.

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