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The guys are on another mission to find the Prince. They are making an exchange for the hostages. It's in the middle of a field.

Caulder is at a bar and Lena is there. They talk.

The guys are still in the field but won't be picked back up for quite some time.

Gina and Michael are with them.

They come across some people and try to buy their bus. Gina does all the talking. Bear is with her. The other guys are hiding in the woods talking to Michael.

Bear and Gina go inside to talk to the father. They buy the bus for 10 grand. They all get on the bus and leave. The son is off to do something -- probably report to someone.

The exchange point has changed so that's where they're headed. They're being followed. The Prince has eyes and ears everywhere.

Caulder is at headquarters looking around. He misses not being out there. 

Bear and Gina talk on the bus ride. It's night and the road is blocked by some trucks. It could be a trap.

Gina goes out against Bear's advice. They all get out of the bus with their guns. The other guys don't want to let them through. There's an argument and a gun battle ensues. The team takes care of business.

Nasry escaped while the shooting happened.

Caulder is at a shooting range with Dharma, but his aim isn't very good. She starts talking to him about the Wounded Warrior Project. She reloads his gun because he can't.

She asks about Dawn and he changes the subject by asking her if she wants to shoot. He shows her how.

The team starts moving on Nasry who is still running through the woods.

The team finds Nasry with their scope and head out to get him, but it's not him. It's a horse. Surprise though. Nasry was right there and escapes when they move on.

Nasry comes to an empty field and runs at a full sprint but Buddha catches him. He's trained his gun on him. no one is around. Buddha wants him to beg but Michael just eggs him on until the rest of the team catch up. Michael tells them all that if he dies all of them and their families will die. All he has to do is make a phone call to stop them. He doesn't want to be exchanged.

Gina argues with everyone about Michael.

Buddha goes off on Michael until Bear stops him. 

They want him to call off the murders. Bear decides that Michael is lying. Buddha's not convinced. Gina tells Buddha his family is safe and that he could call Virginia Beach to be sure. Little does she know.

Back home Jackie is with the kids and notice a car. She's being paranoid. A guy gets out of the car and Jackie pulls out her gun, but it was just a guy putting a pice of mail in a mailbox. Now the kids know she has a gun.

Caulder is still with Dharma shooting. 

Marissa is at a shooting range practicing.

After Caulder finishes he gets that buzzing sound again but tells Dharma he's okay.

The team and Michael are back on the bus. It's daylight now. They stop close to the exchange point and start walking.

When they get there, no one is there and there's water. Gina makes the phone call and she's told to keep walking to a village in about 6 hours.  It's going to be in Russia across the border.

Bear refuses to go and Gina makes a call and hands the phone to Bear.  He's ordered to take his team across the border. Buddha and Chase dno't want to go and Buddha tries to to convince Bear otherwise but eventually they all start following Gina. Buddha thinks about it for a bit but ends up following too.








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SIX Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Lena, it's our job to kill people. Up close before they kill us. We have to lock that stuff away. We're afraid that if we let you in, you won't like what you see.


Lena: We're all on our own paths. That's what you always say, right?
Caulder: That's what I always say.