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Nothing's Off the Table
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 18
"The Price of Free and Fair Elections"
Original Air Date:

Charlie makes a surprising move, Olivia tries to understand her mother's motives, and nothing is off the table as election day looms near on Scandal.

Huck Hard at Work
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 17
"Flesh and Blood"
Original Air Date:

On Scandal this week, a bomb threat grounds Fitz with only 6 days until the election. Olivia makes discoveries about her parents.

Welcome to the White House
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 16
"The Fluffer"
Original Air Date:

Abby has to step in and take over Olivia's duties at the White House while Olivia and Huck focus on B613 on Scandal.

The Running Mate
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 15
"Mama Said Knock You Out"
Original Air Date:

Fitz and Mellie's children join them for an interview while Rowan warns Olivia to stop her investigation into B-613 on Scandal.

Sally's Next Move
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 14
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Original Air Date:

The White House goes into a tailspin when Sally sets up a meeting with the NRA. Huck and Olivia come to a realization that surprises them both and Olivia Pope & Associates gets an unexpected client on Scandal.

The Presidential Debate
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 13
"No Sun on the Horizon"
Original Air Date:

Fitz believes he's well prepared for the Presidential debate but gets thrown a curve. Olivia gets news that forces her to make a difficult decision and someone's dirty little secret could turn deadly on Scandal.

Presidential Angst
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 12
"We Do Not Touch the First Ladies"
Original Air Date:

Fitz faces his jealousy and Mellie faces her past on an all new episode of Scandal.

Olivia at Lunch
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 11
"Ride, Sally, Ride"
Original Air Date:

Sally prepares to make a bombshell announcement that will rock the White House on Scandal.

Handling the Truth
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 10
"A Door Marked Exit"
Original Air Date:

Cyrus helps Sally manage her crisis while Olivia learns more about her mother on Scandal.

Relationships Are Tested
Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Cyrus realizes he may have pushed too far and loyalties are tested as OPA gets closer to the truth on Scandal.