One Tree Hill Season 8

"This Is My House, This Is My Home"

What went down on the eighth season finale of One Tree Hill? Read on for a detailed recap.

"Flightless Bird, American Mouth"

Nathan, Jamie, Clay, Julian, Chase and Chuck go on a camping trip at the River Court while the girls head to Puerto Rico!

"The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"

Nathan, Julian and Clay coach Jamie's first little league game, and the situation regarding the accident comes to a head.

"Where Not To Look For Freedom"

While Haley stays at home to take care of the new baby, Quinn organizes a concert at Tric. Brooke gets an offer to return to Clothes Over Bros.

"Quiet Little Voices"

Finally! One Tree Hill is back after a long hiatus, and a baby is on the way!

"The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get"

Haley is getting closer and closer to giving birth this week. Elsewhere, Chuck turns to Chase with a problem.

"I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

The girls plan a surprise baby shower for Haley this week, while Leven Rambin guest stars. She plays a role in Brooke and Julian's adoption plans.

"Valentine's Day is Over"

Everyone in Tree Hill celebrates Valentine's Day this week. Ready for some sex games?!?

"Holding Out for a Hero"

Brooke, Quinn and Haley choose to use their talents for a greater good this week, while Julian finds a directing job. Chase also mentors Chuck.

"The Other Half of Me"

It's Brooke and Julian's wedding day. Will everything go smoothly for it?

"The Drinks We Drank Last Night"

Brooke gets a bit carried away at her bachelorette party on this episode. Musician Dave Navarro makes an appearance on "The Drinks We Drank Last Night."

"Darkness on the Edge of Town"

A hurricane hits town this week. What will be the fallout? Whose life will be in danger? Find out now!

"Lists, Plans"

Brooke and Julian go skydiving this week, while Kid Cudi guest stars after Haley sets up a concert at Tric. Elsewhere, Quinn sneaks out of town.

"Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace"

Welcome to Thanksgiving on One Tree Hill. The gang gathers at Nathan and Haley's place this week, as Bethany Joy Galeotti actually directed the episode.

"Mouthful of Diamonds"

Nathan's career takes a major step forward this week, as he visits Atlanta and tight end Tony Gonzalez guest stars. Elsewhere: Haley consoles Jaime over his braces and Chase makes a decision between Mia and Alex.

"Luck Be a Lady"

Julian's mom plays a key role on this episode of One Tree Hill, as "Luck Be a Lady" is all about wedding planning. Read on for a detailed recap.

"Not Afraid"

Brooke and Julian receive an unexpected visitor on this early Halloween episode. Elsewhere, Nathan starts a new career, while Haley and Mia host open mic night.

"Nobody Taught Us to Quit"

Clay is discharged from the hospital this week. Meanwhile, Brooke and Victoria don't agree on how to handle the company's fiscal problems.

"We All Fall Down"

There are mounting financial problems at Clothes Over Bros. this week. Elsewhere, Nathan and Haley come to a conclusion regarding the former's career, while Alex spends an afternoon with Chase!

"The Space in Between"

The situation gets worse at the hospital on this episode. Elsewhere, Nathan makes a significant decision regarding his career, while Brooke and Julian take care of of Jamie.

"I Can't See You But I Know You're There"

Clay and Quinn fight to live this week, as both Nathan and Haley struggle with this situation. Elsewhere, Julian attempts to distract Jamie, while Brooke's legal troubles build up.

"Asleep At Heaven's Gate"

It's a new night and a new season for One Tree Hill. Follow along with TV Fanatic as we recap the eighth season premiere now!

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