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Another week, another lackluster episode of 24.

We saw Dana and Cole drown the bodies of Kevin and his friend in the New Jersey swamp and then drive back to CTU in silence.

We saw Hassan's daughter agree to meet her boyfriend, and the man Hassan recently had taken into custody for possibly being a traitor, in a hotel room. He was on route to his country's embassy when he escaped from the car, thanks to the help of a friend in the administration. But Hassan knows he and his daughter are together and he refuses to evacuate the UN (which President Taylor has called for because nuclear materials are loose) until he knows his daughter is safe.

We also saw Farhad get shot and killed just as CTU arrived on the scene to pick him up. But Jack comes up with a plan to transport him to the hospital, leaking to the press that he's alive and drawing out the terrorists to finish the job. It works.

They see on TV that Farhad is alive and send in an operative - with an American mother, so he has less chance of being caught - to kill him. The guy arrives at the hospital and CTU's face-recognition technology picks him out. Young agent Owen is dispatched to distract the terrorist and does a good job, helping Chloe disable his bomb from CTU headquarters. The dude discovers that Farhad is actually dead, but knows he cannot be taken in alive. Therefore, he locks himself in some basement room in the hospital, with Jack outside the door, and this is how the episode ends.

What did we not see this week? Any major deaths or anything particularly fascinating. Come on, 24! Pick it up.

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