Jason: We made a pact back in college.
Abigail: That if we were still single 15 years later, we'd get married!

Abigail: Rumplemeyer's cookies?! I just may have to marry you after all.
Jason: See? You know we're perfect together.

Sam: Um, surgeons are my department.
Grant: All do respect, Dr. Radford, I don't need your approval on new hires.
Sam: You know, I am very familiar with Dr. Jacobson. He did his surgical residency here. It's not the right fit.
Grant: Well, I'll decide where the pieces go. Look, my job is to make Hillcrest a competitive, profitable hospital.
Sam: And my job is to make sure our patients get the best medical care possible.
Grant: And they will with the team I assemble.
Sam: You don't have the track record.
Grant: Track records are for retired racehorses.
Aren't you do in surgery [taps his watch] doctor?

Grant: Dr. Radford. You know Dr. Jacobson.
Shane: Dr. Radford. Good to see you again.
Sam: Shane. What brings you back to Hillcrest?
Grant: I did. Dr. Jacobson's our new orthopedic surgeon.
Sam: Is that right.
Shane: I'm the guy that gets to put Hillcrest's new robotic arm to use.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson practically invented the XR system. We're lucky to get 'im.
Sam: Hmpf.

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Ah. There is nothing like the aroma of fresh chocolate.


Stephanie: I get that you're begin called, but think of all the things you can do right here.
Adam: Think of all the things we can do out there.

Cassie: I thought we talked about not making the truth chocolates.
Joy: We did.
Cassie: And now, you did.
Joy: You mad?
Cassie: I'm just curious about what's going on with you and Donna. I heard the two of you catching up this morning.
Joy: But what you didn't hear was Donna admit the truth.
Cassie: Well, give her time.
Joy: I'd rather give her these chocolates.
Cassie: The easy way is not always the right way.

Abigail: He'll get over me.
Cassie: He hasn't so far. He needs to know the truth.

I just want to be able to go on a normal date with Abigail without having to worry about the sky falling.


Stephanie: Excuse me. I don't mean to bother you, but aren't you that man from the tableau?
Adam: Unidentified man in the corner? Yeah, that's me.
Stephanie: I love what you did with the character.
Adam: Oh, come on. It wasn't easy to capture his nuance.
Stephanie: Mmm. Well, ya nailed it.
Adam: Would you like an autograph?
Stephanie: I was actually too nervous to ask.
Adam: Then, uh, who should I make it out to?
Stephanie: To the woman who will support you no matter what.
Adam: So I'll sign it, 'from the man who appreciates the tough love'? You were right about sticking with physical therapy.
Stephanie: I know.
Adam: Hm. I'm just glad you're not the type to gloat. And here, this is for you.

Hayley: What's your handle? I'll tag you.
Joy: That's alright. I like to keep people guessing.

Cassie: But you can't find any heather.
Martha: But I can't find any... honestly. Heather is out of season.
Cassie: Well, nothing's ever out of season in a greenhouse.
Martha: Normally, you're spot on, but our greenhouse is only two days old.
Cassie: You'd be amazed at what can spring up in two days.

Good Witch Quotes

Sam: So, when's the big day gonna be?
Cassie: Halloween.

Emma: I was really hoping that we could get here at the same time, but, well, you'd have to talk to our commanding officers about lining up our schedules.
Stephanie: I don't think I'm powerful enough to be listened to by the united states marines.
Emma: Yeah. I wish I knew someone who was.