Ben: So, you're just waiting to die?
Alison: Aren't you, if you're really being honest with yourself?
Ben: No. I want to live.

What's happening between us, it doesn't happen to me very often. Does it happen to you? Then why are you trying to fuck it up?


Ben, please, just be honest with me. I can take it. Just tell me who you are. Tell me the truth.


Alison: Don't mess with my heart, OK. I can't handle any more pain.
Ben: I know. I won't.
Alison: Promise?
Ben: I Promise.

Alison: What happens to people like us?
Ben: What do you mean?
Alison: The ones who can't be forgiven.
Ben: The shrinks would say we need to forgive ourselves.
Alison: I can't.

Why do you kill an ant? Why do you kill a mouse? Because you don't want it running around your house, Alison, because you don't want it bothering you.


I'm happy to keep talking; I'm just really starving, and I have to eat.


Alison: Ben, are you married?
Ben: Why would I be here if I was married?

Alison: So that's what you walk around with, every day?
Ben: When I got back home, I couldn't stand Heidi anymore. It wasn't her fault. It just, I wish she looked at me, the way she needed me. One night we got in bed and I tied her in bed on her stomach so I wouldn't have to look at her face, not even when Bodie started to cry. I got clean after that, and I haven't touched a drink since. I haven't touched her, either.

Joanie: Where is mommy?
Cole: I don't know, sweetheart.

Noah: Quit macking on her.
Anton: Macking?
Noah: Yeah.
Anton: Nineteen ninety-one called on the landline and wants you to fax their slang back.

Cole: How, exactly, do you know this kid?
Noah: It's complicated.
Cole: Yeah, I bet. Let me guess. You're fucking his mother.

The Affair Quotes

Noah: I, I was a happy man back then. Proud of my family. My first book had just come out. Everything I dreamed I'd achieve as a young man, I'd done it.
Det; Jeffries: But.
Noah: That's just it. There is no but. When I look back, I can't tell you why it happened.

Noah: When's she going to college?
Helen: Twelve years.