Noah: I want to see Joanie.
Luisa: You can't just waltz in and out of her life when it's convenient.

Hi, I'm looking for Benjamin Cruz.


EJ: Your mum. She died at the jetty, right? At least, that's what it says on the police report.
Joanie: You've seen the police report?

My mother was an irrational, unhinged, depressive, with a death wish.


I'm not fucking you.


Joanie: I've spent my whole life trying to be the opposite of Alison.
Luisa: But she loved you.
Joanie: I was the replacement child.

Are you sure it was suicide?


Helen's Friend: This is basically your debut.
Helen: As what?
Helen's Friend: Sasha Mann's girlfriend.

Sierra: Could you watch him for me? I'm kind of desperate.
Helen: Well, you brought a child into this world. Figure it out.

Noah: Come on, don't you feel anything for me anymore?
Helen: If I feel anything for you, I feel sorry for you. Because you've managed to turn 50 and not know how to be an adult.
Noah: Oh, and Sasha Mann does?
Helen: Yeah, I think so.
Noah: Come on, Helen, he's playing me ... he's pretending to be me. It's so obvious. You're in love with me.
Helen: He's you, but he's better. And please, just admit to yourself, the only reason you want me right now is because he does.
Noah: No, as usual, you're not listening to what I'm saying. I came here to tell you I love you. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I know I've made some mistakes, but the only important thing is that I love you. I've always loved you.
Helen: I actually don't know what that word means to you.
Noah: It means that I deserve a second chance.
Helen: You had a second chance. Many times, and you fucked them all up, and I would be a fucking idiot to go back there.
Noah: Helen.
Helen: Noah, I don't love you anymore. I don't want your love. It terrifies me, and it's caused me nothing but pain. So, I'm done.

Way to glow up, Helen.


Furcat: Such a bubbling Petri dish of masant creativity.
Andrea: Andrea Rosman. Unlove your vaginas.
Furcat: Pleasure. Look, the truth is, I'm desperate for a date to my opening tomorrow. How about we fit you for some glass slippers so you can come along?
Whitney: I can't. We're about to open a new exhibition here, and I've got so much to do. Thank you, though.
Furcat: Okay, well how about I just leave this invitation here in case you can make it. Oh look, it says there's a plus one if you wanted to bring someone along. Look, I know we didn't part on the best of terms, but I am here to try to make it up to you.

The Affair Quotes

Helen: It was pretty annoying, actually, because she said she was just fact-checking and then, she just started asking me all these questions about our divorce.
Noah: What did you say?
Helen: No comment.
Noah: Thanks for doing that.
Helen: What is the article about, anyway? I thought it was about your new book.
Noah: I don't know. She pitched it to me as my redemption story, you know, my new book, the movie, and how I'd made good. Now suddenly Petra's digging around looking for skeletons like it's some tabloid piece. I mean, honestly, I'm starting to regret agreeing to be interviewed in the first place.
Helen: Is she finding any skeletons?
Noah: Well, nothing about weddings in Montauk, if that's what you mean. And she never will.

Noah: I, I was a happy man back then. Proud of my family. My first book had just come out. Everything I dreamed I'd achieve as a young man, I'd done it.
Det; Jeffries: But.
Noah: That's just it. There is no but. When I look back, I can't tell you why it happened.