Being a hero, being brave, is hard. It don’t pay the bills or do much else. The only thing it does get you is peace of mind. And the belief that you made a difference. And it’s that belief, that feeling that has to be good enough because if you expect more… if you’re looking for praise or high fives, ain’t nobody coming. And the hardest part, no matter how principled you’re going to be or how big the damn stand you decide to take, the odds of something actually changing for the better are close to zero.

Ray Price

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 20: "Silence Of The Night"
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes, Chicago PD Quotes
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 20 Quotes

Tommy Doyle: It’s fun, the whole undercover thing. It’s kind of like being an actor.
Atwater: Yeah, except these bullets are real.

Tommy Doyle: A lot of buyers in Chicago and you bring this.
J Hawk: The only color Reed cares about is green.