In the Choir Room - Glee Season 6 Episode 12
The New Directions assemble in the choir room for a farewell performance on Glee Season 6 Episode 12.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 12: "2009"
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Glee Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

My name is Tina Cohen Chang and you don't care. I am wildly unpopular but I love being unpopular. I'm trying to be unpopular because I am goth and goths have no time for cliche, bougie high school cliques. We are the anti-clique.


My name is Mercedes Jones and I don't have a lot of friends at this school. I mean, it's not like I get picked on and folks are nice, I guess, but there sure are a lot of white folks here at McKinley. I mean, there is that one black kid but he's real boring. I'm a star at my church where everybody knows I got a big ass voice, but here? I'm just a nobody. But that's all gonna change real soon.


Glee Season 6 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Glee cast popular Popular Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast im his child I'm His Child Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast i kissed a girl glee finale I Kissed A Girl (Glee Finale) Glee Cast iTunes