90 Day Fiance: Lisa and Usman's Feud Explodes on Social Media

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4 may be over, but the drama surrounding Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Amar is still raging on. 

The controversial TLC stars first appeared on the franchise this year, and they made a lasting impression. 

Lisa's controlling nature earned her the ire of viewers, and while it seemed like their relationship was over, the recent tell-all offered a glimmer of hope to their fans when Hamme said she would have a baby with Amar to save their marriage. 


Things took a turn for the couple when leaked footage of the tell-all emerged and showed Usman calling his wife out for calling him the N-word. 

TLC opted to edit that moment out of the Tell-All, and many took it to mean that it was because Hamme was set to appear on a new spin-off which she had already started filming. 

lisa 2

After backlash from fans, TLC unofficially parted ways with Hamme, so she is not attached to future projects at the cabler. 

Lisa followed that up with a string of social media posts suggesting she was being silenced. 

After losing her job with TLC, it now looks like she has lost her husband for good. 

It all started on Tuesday when she took to social media with the following statement:

lisa 3

SojaBoy all you had to do was a public apology for lying an cheating on your wife but you turned it into a three ring circus to keep followers pathetic you'll never see Jannah 

You are the biggest hypocrite

She followed that up with another post in which she claimed that her husband was blackmailing her with the threat of divorce. 

Sojaboy let's show the world how you tried black mailing me with divorce papers for months I believe since March


Usman's response?

I'm a good Nigerian who sacrificed a lot to make someone happy including losing my job, but today I was called a scammer by that same person I make happy 

I wonder how scammer can be on TV always and on social media relating with big politicians and some prominent people, after calling me n word, calling scammer and now I have been blackmailed with my own money. 

Come to my IG live by 12am Nigerian time. 


At the Instagram Live, Usman alleged that Lisa was holding his portion of their earnings from Cameo. 

The service is filled with reality stars who send shot messages for fans in exchange for cash. 

Usman alleges that Lisa got a check for over $26,000. 

However, Lisa claimed that she had paid Usman the money and even revealed supposed screenshots of the payments being made. 

lisa drama

At this stage, it's unclear whether they plan to get back together, but given that they seem so divided, it is unlikely. 

Still, this appears to be the type of drama TLC would love to have on TV screens. 

If the network truly has parted ways with Lisa, it's a good move. 

What do you think of this controversial couple?

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