Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Salem Filled With Boring Couples?

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A blind Steve proved better at finding Abigail than the entire Salem PD, Gabi was the next Salemite to get beaten in prison, and Chloe was abducted on Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando war joined by Vanessa and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abigail’s fate, Claire and Ciara’s truce, and the lack of entertaining romance in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

How many couples in Salem do you consider to be boring right now?

Vanessa: I honestly think all of the couples are boring right now.

Jack: I've lost count. Most pairings are either boring or aggravating. The only romance on this show belongs to Steve/Kayla and Doug/Julie -- two legacy couples that we rarely see.

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Villa281: All of them actually. I can't say I am really behind any of the pairings. I find them all pretty underwhelming. I think Tripp and Ciara have potential, but I don't like what they are doing with them.

Christine: Agreed! The majority of the couples on the show right now either have no real chemistry or are just plain boring, and that’s a big problem for a soap! The show just throws couples together or sticks with couples that aren’t working. What ever happened to love in the afternoon?

Ciara Catches Claire - Days of Our Lives

Do you believe that Ciara and Claire have really turned over a new leaf?

Vanessa: I highly doubt it, they're teenage girls. Things can be okay for a minute and then poof, they're back to being screaming banshees.

Jack: Absolutely not. If anything, Ciara has gone downhill while Claire has stayed the same as always. The writers clearly think she is the victim in this and that Claire is evil, but all I saw was a pettiness competition and I doubt either girl is going to change for very long.

Villa281: No, I think they plan on playing this rivalry like they did Sami and Carrie.

Christine: Ugh, probably not. The show insists on portraying these two young woman like bratty adolescents. I’d love to see that change but nothing we’ve seen so far gives me any reason to get my hopes up.

Lani Bumps Into JJ - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of Eli and Lani as parents-to-be?

Vanessa: I think they are scared, Lani's terrified and it showed when she was telling Eli that the baby isn't a case to be solved.

Jack: *Yawn* I'm not interested in Lani or her baby and I'd rather see Eli go to a lawyer to work out a custody arrangement than spend a single second taking care of the woman who tried to keep him from his child for months.

Though I liked Julie getting over involved. I felt that was an appropriate punishment for Lani's lies and manipulations.

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Villa281: Neither of them seem very excited about it, and neither am I. My only hope is that J.J. and Gabi might eventually get back together.

Christine: I can’t say as I care enough about either of them to feel much. Lani lied and manipulated people for months. She’s lucky to have anyone by her side after that.

Victor Keeps a Secret - Days of Our Lives

Why do you think Victor never told Maggie the truth about Theresa, and do you think he will in the near future?

Vanessa: I guess because he doesn't like Theresa, I don't see him telling her.

Jack: Victor is Victor. He does underhanded things, nowadays often (but not always) with good intentions. In Theresa's case, I think he felt the best way to keep Brady and Tate safe was to let everyone believe that Theresa went back to drugs and selfish behavior.

If Theresa returns to Salem and they end the stupidity that served as her exit story, at that point I hope Victor will tell Maggie the truth and not let her think the worst of Theresa.

Villa281: I guess he thought Maggie would probably try and butt in and fix the situation. I think if he does tell anyone, Maggie will be the first one.

Christine: I think Victor was trying to protect everyone involved, and he couldn’t be sure of Maggie’s reaction, and if she told Brady, Brady would have run after Theresa and could have gotten him and Tate killed.

I agree that Theresa’s exit story was ridiculous, but I hope the truth comes out and she can be redeemed in everyone’s eyes if she comes back to Salem.

Gabby and Stefan - Days of Our Lives

What should happen to Abigail if they prove she killed Andre?

Vanessa: I think she should get tried and maybe get sent to a legit mental hospital. There are too many mentally ill people that don't get the proper treatment in the prison system.

Jack: She should be arrested, like any other murder suspect, and then her attorney (hopefully not Justin) should argue an insanity defense and she should be committed to a mental institution until she can be proven to no longer be a danger to herself or anyone else.

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I'd suggest a joint recommendation with the DA for this but since the DA is Trask that is not likely to go well.

Villa281: I don't think anything would happen legally to her, but I think she will be filled with guilt.

Christine: She needs to be arrested for murder, and then let a good attorney and psychiatrist build a case to get her the help she needs. Of course this is Salem, so good luck finding a competent attorney or therapist!

Gabi in Trouble - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Vanessa: Stefan is still alive, that is really irritating as I can't stand him.

Jack: Waaay too much violence! Gabi's beat down was gratuitous and I suspect it's a plot point to bring Rafe and Hope back together over their mutual fear for her rather than any kind of real story.

I also don't think we needed yet another woman getting kidnapped and suddenly becoming too helpless to do anything to protect herself (why the heck didn't Chloe give off any subtle signs to Eve that something was wrong???).

This Face of Bella storyline is a competition to see who can be more petty, obnoxious, and unlikeable, and this back and forth between Brady and Eve is nothing but annoying.

I was glad Steve and Kayla were back but there wasn't enough of them; I'd rather see more of them and less of the random violence and petty arguments.

Finally, I'd much rather see Jennifer pursuing a story than just see her be unable to read her notes. Feisty reporter Jennifer is a character I fell in love with years ago and I want her back!

Villa281: I am not really liking the Disassociative Identity Disorder storyline, to be honest, and I don't like Stefan/Abby or Gabby.

Christine: Way too much violence! Why does every woman (Hope, Adrienne, Gabi) in Statesville Prison have to get beaten up?

And what’s with the huge gap in storytelling. We have Marlena, Vivian, and Kate all locked up together. That should be entertaining television but we haven’t seem them in days. JJ went to check on Gabi in prison and then dropped off our screens yet again.

Also Steve and Kayla have the best romance, and a compelling, emotional story, but they’re hardly ever around. Why is Days ignoring its strengths to focus on its weaknesses? 

Caught in the Park  - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Vanessa: Jennifer and Chad's scene was the best as the emotions were well played.

Jack: I liked seeing Kayla and JJ spend time together, and I loved the fact that Steve seemed to have a Gabby magnet so that she kept getting caught by him despite his blindness.

The little Steve/Kayla scene we got with Kayla reassuring Steve that it wasn't his fault that Gabby got away was also wonderful, and I also enjoyed Jennifer and Chad talking about what happened to Abigail.

Villa281: I don't know if it was my favorite, but I was stunned to see Julie being so nice and helpful towards Lani. I thought for sure she was going to hate for her for trying to pass her grandson's child off as J.J.'s. 

Christine: It was good to see Chad and Jennifer consoling one another about Abigail. In the past, Jennifer would have blamed Chad for everything and he'd have no support. I’m happy we’re past that.

I also love Steve Johnson, even if we don’t see he and Kayla often enough. He’s a better investigator blind than the entire Salem PD lumped together!

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