Quantico Round Table: A Dangerous Skill

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 4, the recruits work on how to control their emotions, even when their weaknesses are being manipulated. It's not an easy task, and it seems like all the recruits failed this mission. In the future, Alex tries to disrupt the AIC's plan of trading hostages for Eric Boyer.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Jay Ruymann, Allison Nichols, and TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey decide which recruit they would kick out of the Farm, and they share their pick for MVP of the episode. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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What's your impression of the AIC and this terrorist plot that has been slowly unfolding in the future?

Meaghan: For the most part I like it. It's interesting and mysterious but almost too mysterious. I would like it a lot more if we were getting developments on a weekly basis. I guess this episode exposed that Miranda seems to actually be working with them and not a red herring, unless she is playing a long con, but we technically learned that weeks ago.

I'm still invested right now though. Although, can the terrorists please stop treating the hostages like legit chess pieces? I'm sick of them moving them around from room to room. I swear they are just doing it out of boredom at this point.

Jay: I'm enjoying it. Having a suspect so soon is interesting because it calls into question everything that Miranda is doing in the past and present.

Jasmine: It's okay. I agree with Meaghan about the pacing. It does feel a bit slow. I also would like it if we got more development on a weekly basis. I do think it's interesting, but I sort of miss the faster pace of the terror plot from last season. It feels like they're over complicating it.

Allison: I agree that we need to show some more movement. While I’m enjoying that the terrorist act is a hostage situation, I need to know more of what the terrorists are actually doing. The terrorists are just rearranging hostages at this point.

If you could kick one of the new recruits out of the Farm, for whatever reason, who would you kick out and why?

Meaghan: Lee. Last week she barely made an impression on me, and this week I found her annoying.

Jay: Lydia. I know she's not a recruit, but she's awful. I'm actually enjoying the recruits. They're all interesting, unlike last season.

Jasmine: I don't even know. Harry is the only one I really like to be perfectly honest. Maybe Diana, only because if we find out she's not in the thick of all of this at this point, I'm going to feel like they wasted our time with her.

Allison: I second the vote for Lydia. I’m not enjoying the Lydia/Owen drama. If I had to pick an actual recruit, I’d say Sebastian. He just hasn’t really made that much of an impression on me.

Owen and Lydia were able to identify everyone's weaknesses, and for some, their weakness was a fear. Would you like to be able to figure out someone's weakness and/or pain just by observing them, or do you agree with Diana that it would be awful to have that ability?

Meaghan: Knowing someone's weakness gives you power over them. That's not the type of power I'd like to have though.

Jay: I'm on the opposite side from Meaghan. I would like to have that power. It just depends on how you use it. Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl was a master at finding people's weaknesses, and she used it when she needed to.

Jasmine: I feel like we all sort of have that gift of discernment when it comes down to it. Anyone is capable of it. Having it isn't the issue, exploiting it is the real issue. I wouldn't want to be a person who exploits someone else's weakness.

Allison: I’d definitely like to have that ability. Like Jay said, it’s all a matter of how you use it. There are definitely situations where a little bit of power could be helpful. Plus, you don’t have to use your power in a menacing or evil way.

Do you think Lee really was the one who planted the bug or is she a red herring? If so, why do you think she did it?

Meaghan: I think she did it. I think she is trying to get one up on the competition. I doubt that she is really up to no good, just another overly ambitious recruit.

Jay: She probably did it. She's the most mysterious of them all now. I'm not sure why, but I doubt it ties into the AIC. Maybe she's a CIA operative doing the same thing Alex and Ryan are doing?

Jasmine: I think she did it too. I don't think it ties into the AIC at all though. She really is ambitious enough to do something like that just to get ahead.

Allison: I’m hoping she did it just because I don’t want to start with the never-ending fake outs. It would be a lot more interesting if she had ulterior motives and wasn’t a member of the AIC. I can see her just wanting to know anything and everything about the people she is training with. The only question I have is how she got a CIA bug.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Meaghan: Eric. He made the ultimate sacrifice. He also found a way to tip off Shelby before he did it. I think he genuinely could've been an interesting character, and I'm kind of disappointed he was killed off so fast.

Jay: Shelby. I'm glad she's aware of Miranda's secret now. She might be the only one who can save Alex, and who knows if she'll have to take Miranda out soon or not.

Jasmine: Gotta go with Eric! I got attached to him and lost him in one episode. Dammit Quantico! This show has a knack for taking away characters I like or potentially could like. You sacrifice yourself like that, you deserve to be the MVP.

Allison: I’m going to have to give it to Eric as well. He did not have to tell Shelby anything. He chose to do something heroic to attempt to make up for the things he’s done.

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