Zoe Aggeliki to Battle with Serena on Gossip Girl Season 6

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The claws will come out on Gossip Girl Season 6.

According to Hollywood Life sources, French actress Zoe Aggeliki has landed a prominent, recurring role on the concluding season of this CW drama, coming on board for multiple episodes as a young woman named Natasha.

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And just who is Natasha? The sister of Barry Watson's Steven, who will show up as a love interest this fall for Serena. Expect Natasha and her brother's new gal pal to butt heads often.

The role will mark Aggeliki's television debut. She is scheduled to appear in two relatively big movies in 2013: R.I.P.D. and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

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can we focus only to the old characters please and bring jenny,eric and vanessa back?


i just hope that kristen bell will appear as gosssip girl in the end!!!


Did I mistaken or is this the last season of GG, so what then are so many new actors? I have nothing against Zoe Aggeliki, I think she is very beautiful, but the events of season 6 should happen around Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Nate! Should get the ending where they are happy together Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair , and Nate can be with any girl and even with Natasha! This all, Stephen and Natasha, reminds me of the events in season 3, the Trip and his wife! And since I know how that turned out, I think that season 6 will be very stupid!


Reminds me of Juliet and Ben hahaha :3 But anyways I hate how this website shows the worst photos of ppl -.-


wow, from rumors of playing johanna in catching fire to a guest star role on gossip girl... I love gossip girl but for aggeliki that's just sad


Can somebody please explain the logic that is Serena? How can she complain about not having Dan all of last season? She legit faked being with him in relationship, constantly was passive-aggressive to Blair about having Dan, dropped subtle hints to him that she wanted him and then eventually got with him only to ruin Blair's relationship with him.
So why is Serena being cast a love interest that completely goes against her values of love towards Dan? Is this the only outcome the writers could think of? Seriously idiotic.


I dont care for these new faces but I'm just happy to hear that Serena will have major story lines for the final season...i was scared when i heard that they might cut her time off. Go Queen S!


Wow she is really beautiful, please make her Dan's girlfriend.
Just have them both interact with each other and no one else, then maybe I will watch this garbage this fall.


I bet you, she will be the Gossip Girl. For sure writers can twist the story. I am excited for this though.

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