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Nate (thinking):...damn, I need the name of her conditioner...


Diana: Im chuck's mother.
Nate: O great i really am a man whore!!


nate:so what previous employment do you have?

diana: i weat tight dresses that show off my boobs

nate: youve got the job!


Diana: So I see you have found another practical use for the desk...top.


Nate: I called you today to proudly show you that The Spectator has reached over 10 000 followers on Twitter. Of course under my leadership.
Diana: Oh poor Nate. You poor judgement is just devastating. 10 000? That's a joke.
Nate: Why? What's wrong?
Diana: The ''When Chuck Bass says ''I'm Chuck Bass'' page on facebook has 333 440 fans. You can't even reach the numbers of your best friend's favorite pick up line.
Nate: Hey, that's not my fault. That's because he's Chuck Bass.


Nate:(to himself) Oh man, she's about to find out that I google Margaret Thatcher pictures.


Diana; Nate I didnt know you could read and spell?
Nate; why does everyone think that?


Diana: Do you like the way I open my eyes wide as I speak with my annoying accent?!


Diana: I'll show you mines if you show me yours


Diana: Hand over the Spectator right now or I'll tell Anne that you cried out "Mom!" in bed...

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