Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Dair Sex Fail!

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Condom misplacement.

An unfortunate unzipping incident.

Interim housekeepers who don't knock.

Lily and Rufus walking in on them ... thrice.

It appears that, in the month since we've last seen them, Dan and Blair have encountered all of the above problems and more in attempt to consummate their physical relationship. Will they ever get it done?

Not in the sneak preview below, from Monday's all-new episode, "Con Heir." After recounting their past intimacy follies, they're foiled again, thanks to host of external circumstances. Watch the hilarity now:

How will Dan and Blair respond from these initial setbacks, and can we expect the budding relationship to last, despite growing pains, the still-looming dowry and the always-looming specter of one Charles Bass?

Comment below, and for more on that, Monday's episode, and the remainder of Season Five, read TVF's exclusive interview with Joshua Safran, Gossip Girl executive producer and show-runner, from yesterday.

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After all that drama Blair went through to 'protect' Chuck while she really wanted to be with him then she got out of the problem (with Chuck even offering to help) and she refused then went and be with Dan? She really needs to know what she wants and I hope she will explain this in the next episodes because Chuck owns an explenation!! Dair is just trashy, urgh I can't watch it. Blair has to be with Chuck! After all Chuck has been thru , he deserves to be happy!


she makes me sick.. she looks like shes gained some weight too!!
its probably because shes with dan lol!! Nahhh seriously!! Blair should just be alone for once instead of being with all of gossip girl characters! IM suprised she hasnt gotten with jenny!! OHH well at least i can say.. i will still watch the show.. as DAIR will break up eventually... and i will laugh when that happens lol!!


@latinalover, I'm not hating on DAIR. I found their part of tonight's episode boring. That's my opinion, relax.


I agree with @DairSucks 10000000%. Everything they said was so true. So be done with Dair so we can move on to more realistic and not-disgusting things. :)


@DairSucks you are a sad person


@chairforever88 chair is a joke too


@Twilight why are you hating on dair?


Okay, Dan and Blair are boring. They are no longer Dair. I like the term Ban.
LOL at uncle Bass and the fact he has Hep C. Don't you love the way on Gossip Girl anyone and everyone has access to any computer. No one thinks to hit control-alt-delete!




I am so not watching this thing.Dair is a joke to me