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White Collar delivered another edge-of-your-seat installment this week, with one major exception: Elizabeth Burke played a critical investigative role that really got her into some trouble.

But leave it to the "Neighborhood Watch" - consisting of Neal, Mozzie and Peter - to have her back... though some more readily than others.

Joe Manganiello on White Collar

This episode really felt like the Rear Window of the 21st century, complete with police scanners to overhear a dastardly plot unfolding instead of a murder. And it made for a great hour.

Putting Elizabeth at the center was simply icing on the cake. I love nothing more than to see our beloved Mrs. Suit in action. It definitely wasn't hard to root for her from beginning to end.

She took some serious risks. I could not have been any more anxious for her during the sequence when she was locked inside that room on the second floor of Ben and Rebecca's house. I love that she waved a white handkerchief out the window to get Neal's attention, and that he was at the ready to assist. Even if the assist did result in a stern rebuke for Mr. Suit, who was none to pleased to be the patsy in this plot.

I didn't realize how exciting an episode could be simply from choosing to put different personnel at the forefront. In a lot of ways, it wasn't different that Neal and Mozzie were helping a Burke, it was just which Burke that made the difference. And the difference certainly showed. We know Peter wouldn't pack Neal and Mozzie a practically gourmet stakeout meal. No one would.

Elizabeth's (and Satchmo's) choice to call on Mozzie reminded me of the special relationship these two share. If there was ever a single person with the ability to put Mozzie at ease in some small way, it was always Elizabeth. I will never forget Elizabeth going to see Mozzie in the hospital in "Burke's Seven." Definitely one of the more memorable moments between the two, but this episode added to that list.

We've really been seeing some great relationship moments between all the characters on the show in this part of the season. Keep it coming!

And speaking of coming: when will Hilarie Burton return in that series regular spot I was so excited about?! With only two episode left before the finale, will we have to wait till Summer to see her back in action?

Other episode highlights:

  • Neal's street clothing? A little grungy for my usual taste, but seeing him in something different is always welcome.
  • Peter's distaste for quinoa was thoroughly entertaining. I'm more meat and potatoes as well!

Have you ever thought your neighbors were up to no good? What did you do?


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This episode was so much fun! El being locked in the upstairs bedroom was so bloody funny & when she opened the door & there is Peter with Neal on the roof. I lol.
As for Sara returning, would rather not, thank you! If she & Neal don't interact sexually I can stand it, but no more couple cr*p, puhleez!


Love this show and just found it again and you say only 2 more coming up!Isn't that an awfully short season.Do you have any idea of where we can see reruns. One of the few good shows that I s on.wWe like NCIS and all we get is reruns!


I am def. NOT a Sara fan, but since they made her a regular on the show, we have no choice. I have to wonder if they hadn't brought a popular actress with a big fan following from another show to play Sara, if truly Honest discussions could have ensued, but the HB fans got forced into the conversation, and many of them began watching WC from that point on. This is nothing against the actress personally or her fanbase, but the character has been horrible. I believe they wrote her in at the wrong time too.. all water under the bridge now..we are stuck with that now.


Episode was good, but a little slower paced. Would have liked to see the guest star Joe M. a bit more in scenes with Neal. Always love Mozzie and Elizabeth's scenes together. Looking forward to seeing Kramer's character come back to stir things up. Also, would love to see Alex come back, and think it would be fun to have Neal and Peter work with another Agent and CI, like Agent Franklin and his former CI Rebecca (Prisoner's Dilemma). I also would like to see them use the Daniel Picah character again from Home Invasion. He was fun. There have been so many good episodes!


This was a fun episode. I liked that it reminded us about Elizabeth's ordeal with Keller - too soon to just let that go - but it wasn't anything morose or heavy-handed.And so many good lines! I particularly liked Mozzie saying that Mrs. Suit was a bad influence on him :-) Sara's back in the next episode - as is Agent Kramer. It'll be interesting to see if sparks fly again between Neal and Sara, but it looks like Kramer might be bringing trouble...


I liked the episode. I particularly liked the stakeout lunch fare change. As for previews for next week...Sara? Again? Really? I"m disappointed to have to endure that again.


Only two more eps! Wow, that makes me sad when it just came back. Good episode but missing my Sara. Glad to see she'll be back next week and its looks to be a good ep!


Fell asleep watching Neighborhood Watch. Didn't enjoy the episode. Bring back Sara.

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White Collar Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Elizabeth: Are you going to bow to the will of the establishment?
Mozzie: NO!...Yes....

Elizabeth: Spousal immunity?
Neal: You made that up.
Peter: Yes, she has spousal immunity.