Lost Preview: "The Package"

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We're still recovering from everything that happened on this week's Richard-centric episode of Lost.

But ABC isn't taking any weeks off with the show, so it's time to look ahead. On Tuesday, March 30 the series airs an installment titled "The Package."

It will be centered around Jin and Sun's search for one another, as viewers get a look at their Sideways life in 2004. Get a look at scenes from the episode below via a few photos from it:

Searching for Jin
Jin and Sawyer
Pic of Jack
Ilana and Ben
Frank Lapidus Pic
Richard and Sun
Richard and Ben
Beach Dwellers

We've also posted a clip from "The Package" below. Enjoy!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-package-sneak-peek/" title="The Package Sneak Peek"][/video]

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