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This is pretty awesome. It's a fan-made video in honor of Lost. Set to a cool song, it honors the most ambitious show in TV history.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (14 Votes)

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Lost DVD Clip

In this snippet from the Lost DVD Extras section, Ben drops by a warehouse where Dharma employees are preparing a new food drop. It's an example of tasks he ran as Hurley's number-two.

Series Finale Clip

Lost comes to an emotional conclusion with the episode "The End." In this clip from it, Sawyer confronts Jack, "the new Jacob."

What They Died For Clip

This is shocking and depressing but true: Lost will air its final weekday episode on Tuesday, May 18. Get a look at "What They Died For" via this sneak peek. In it, Jack comforts Sawyer.

Across the Sea Clip

Warning, Lost fans: don't click "play" on this video unless you wish to watch a clip from the major episode "Across the Sea." It focuses on the history of Jacob and the Man in Black.

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I never realized how much a desperate Matthew Fox resembles a drunk Will Farrell. "Milk was a bad choice!"
Very effective and increasingly funny... a nice boost to the grieving process for all of us.


The Finale was...............
Six years ... I was a College freshman back then ..Honestly I invested in lost..Time ,Money (bought the complete DVD), Emotion, For a Fan The finale didn't answer the question or even half of it..! why have question each week if they wont answer them..Then I realize after the watching the "the End" for the 4rth times..It is LOST.. an island where there are polar bears , black smoke, a secret community..For some the finale was not enough but the moment in the church was forgiving.. it was LOST.....


"We have to go back!!"
so funny.
especially love the fact you used the actual show soundtrack, purely awesome ;)


This was the COOLEST video I have ever seen! I almost cried just watching it...pure excellence!

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