90210 Round Table: "Love Me or Leave Me"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include first-time sex, Dixon/Silver and Navid/Adrianna ...

Will Ethan and Annie ever have sex?
BrendaLova: No. In fact, here's my 90210 Prediction of the Year: Ethan is gay. Seriously. There's no other reason why he'd have turned down sex with Annie at that time.

The Real McKay: Yes. In typical Beverly Hills, 90210 fashion, they're going to need a more romantic and cliched setting.  Do we have a prom coming up?

Wild4Wilds: Of course. This is Television 101. The first time Ethan enters Annie will be the biggest story line of the season. The show has to draw it out for awhile.

Are Dixon and Silver on the verge of a break-up?
The Real McKay: Yes, and mostly because Silver has become one of the worst characters in recent TV history.  Silver, you were the prettiest member of the cast (especially if you ate some more cheeseburgers) and used to have a fun personality.  Now, you're just cruel, especially to our boy Dixon.  So not cool.

: No. But the smooth sailing for this previously happy couple is certainly over. Hang on tight, Dixon. Rough waters ahead!

BrendaLova: Yes, unless Silver opens up more. This chick has some obvious issues - she is related to Kelly, remember, who was addicted to cocaine, joined a cult and had an eating disorder - and she needs to express them better if she wants a healthy relationship.

Do you blame Navid for ending his relationship with Adrianna?
Wild4Wilds: Yes. He feels really strongly about her, right? Well, she's the same Adrianna as she was before, bastard bun in the oven or not!

BrendaLova: No. These two really haven't been dating long. But he could have made it clear he'll still be there for her, even in a non-boyfriend capacity.

The Real McKay
: Hmm, let's see.  If the girl I was dating for one month - who I still haven't had sex with - was pregnant with another man's baby, I think I would probably have had a similar reaction.  Only rather than saying I needed to take a walk, I'd probably say "I need to take a walk, skank."

Debbie and Harry in the backseat: Hot parent sex or TMI?
BrendaLova: What about option C, Not Hot Enough Parent Sex? Couldn't Debbie have at least flashed a nipple?!?

The Real McKay: Have you seen Aunt Becky... err Debbie?  She still looks as good as she did during her Full House days!  And Harry?  Have you seen a more chiseled face on any cast member?  Definitely hot parent sex!

Wild4Wilds: It was definitely on the borderline of being too much. It's cool for adults to have sex and all... but they couldn't have done it pretty much anyplace except the driveway where their daughter was staying?!?

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