Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst Show the World Their Love

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US Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin and his "final rose," a.k.a. Tessa Horst, are the latest lovebirds to come out of The Bachelor.

The future Mr. & Mrs. Andy Baldwin were spotted frolicking on a Hawaiian beach, enjoying a romantic Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Andy and Tessa, who plan to live in Hawaii, had quite the PDA-fest, bringing to mind images of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Tessa's engagement ring conveniently glistened in the bright sun. We'd ask the Sports Gal what she thinks of this photo spread, but we don't feel like waiting eight days for a response.

Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst in Hawaii
Tessa Horst, Andy Baldwin Make Out
Andy, Tessa Love
Goin' For a Ride

Andy Baldwin chided (and praised) his fiancee's heritage.

"I always say the mutts are the most exotic and beautiful," Andy recently joked of Tessa's Chinese and Polish ancestry.

He's a sweetheart. Love 'em or hate 'em, these two are in love. Hope you enjoyed these cute pics... even if they make you want to puke!

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Since I saw the all bachelor this is the utmost highest quality bachelor we ever seen with my husband. I like Andy how he deal with finding the last longer wife. He tried his best to find the most eternal wife to him. They both cute,perfect,handsome,ordinary,excellent couple.


Hey guys, make sure to vote for Andy as the sexiest bachelor yet at


That's ok.


You and tessa make cute Couple and I Hope you and Tessa have a fairy tale wedding you both make a great match


Your are the greatest couple going. just a great match and so adorable.
all the best for a great life together.


they are such a cute couple.....hope they have a beautiful wedding and have a houseful of great kids !!