What the f-ck am I doing right now? I don’t know what I’m doing. What would you ... this is so insane. What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?


Hannah: I don’t know what the f-ck I was doing.
Peter: You know how you asked Tyler out on the last episode? Did it ever cross your mind to maybe ask me, or … ? I haven’t asked you that, and it’s been on my mind for a long time. I’m just being very honest with you -- watching that next episode that night live and then seeing that happen, for me, that was it. I don’t want to be someone’s third option at all. So then it was just tough, because I found out that you moved 20 minutes from where I live. And all this stuff kept happening. I thought that I was not confused, but now I don’t know.

I started wondering, is he just a nice guy? And then he proved me wrong. And then he proved me wrong again, and again, and then again in the morning. Yeah, four f-cking times.


I know some of you may have seen Hannah, she just stopped by. And I fell in love with her, I truly did. But she gave me back my wings, that’s what I had given her the first night. It was really cool and I appreciated it. If anything, seeing her tonight has just given me more hope moving forward that this could happen again and I can find love.


When I heard that you were going to be the Bachelor, I had mixed emotions. But when I stood where you are, you said you wanted to find your co-pilot and you gave me something. And I want you to find that person and so I brought these back for you. You’re going to be great


Nick: Should we go start a life?
Vanessa: Let's go do it.

Nick: I'm really going to miss you.
Raven: I know.

Finally doing this?

Neil Lane

I hope my kids with Nick are as cute as these puppies. A little less hairy, but as cute.


When I’ve been with you, I’ve only thought of you.


It’s nice to see Santa Clause sees a future with Nick and I.


There’s no denying how confident I felt about Andi and Kaitlyn in the moment.