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"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

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Our history defines us. Time after time after time. But sometimes the best (and most important) history is right now. So says Meredith Grey, and Thursday's all-new Grey's Anatomy showed how wise she can be.

Check out our episode guide to "Time After Time," and discuss the show with fellow viewers in our forums. How do you feel about Christina and Burke, the battle for Chief, or the drama surrounding Jane Doe (or is it Shannon Marie)? And are George and Izzie falling in love? Let us know what you think.

We've also posted our music guide to the episode, including lyrics from five of the six selections. Our complete song listing also tells you when the song is played. We are underway on our image gallery and list of memorable quotes from Thursday as well. Hope you enjoy!

"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

Hope you enjoyed the show's return as much as we did. We'll have more quotes, pics and content coming throughout the day and weekend.

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In spite of the National Inquirer article (by the way Kristen on Eonline says the article is total bunk), I am pretty confident that Burke and Cristina will get married. Shonda has said that she is interested in how couples work through the problems and stay together. She sure has not shown us that yet, so this is her chance. Isaiah on the red carpet before one of the award shows said the there would be more than one wedding this season. We know we have had Callie and George even if we didn't get to see it. Meredith and Derek are no where near ready for marriage. They haven't even learned to sleep together comfortably with her snoring. I have no doubt that they love each other, but both have issues to work out before a marriage can happen. Plus, I think Shonda is having too much fun with the three steps forward two steps back approach where they are concerned. Of course Colin's words affected Cristina. She still wants to be the great surgeon concerned with excellence. It will take her awhile to see that she still is that person. But, she is someone better now because she can be that person and still have a life with the man she loves and I have no doubt in the world that Burke and Cristina love each other. Also, if these episodes leading up to the wedding were running smoothly with no second thoughts or doubts, I would completely think the wedding would never take place. Shonda loves to keep us guessing. We all knew it would not be an easy ride to the alter. The fact that she is making it ominous makes me think all the more that we will have our wedding. Plus, I think it would be great to see how this couple with their high powered careers manage to balance their professional lives with their private lives. I want not only a wedding, fluffy or not, but a child in season 4. Burke is not forcing anything on Cristina. He has given her every chance to back out of the engagement. I think next week we'll see how her little wedding at the Justice of the Peace became something bigger. But even if she invites the cast and parents it is still a small wedding of no more than 15 guests. i don't think Burke has made any demands about the wedding. Cristina will make the final decision about what it will be like. The National Enquirer says that Burke will be the one to bolt when he learns that he was not named Chief. That would be a plot twist and Shonda likes plot twists. That is what I am most afraid of, that and having Derek named chief since it was first promised to Burke. I actually don't think anyone will be named Chief and Richard will stay. I wish Shonda wouldn't play such emotional games with us. I just want to look forward to the wedding without having to worry whether or not it will take place.


The Chief and Addison dancing was really sweet. It was nice to see them both laughing and having a good time. They've had a rough time, too. Addison losing Derrek, and The Chief losing Adele and Ellis.


Lea, I trust that we're on the same side. We both want to see them as a married couple. Remeber the episode where Cristina came home and Burke was in the kitchen cutting up chicken, making dinner for Cristina. She says somethng, then turns around and walks to the bedroom. She had that same look on her face that she had after Burke kissed her. Also, the reason I think she will go through with the wedding and the marriage is because it's what she wants, and sometimes she does need that affirmation from others because she doesn't quite trust herself yet when it comes to matters of the heart. But she got the affirmation she needed from Ellis Grey, someone she highly respects as a surgeon. She doesn't have that kind of respect for Colin (by the way I'm glad he's gone). Elllis told Cristina she could have both if she tried hard enough, and Cristina was relieved because that's exactly what she wanted to hear. And I agree, both IW and SO are the absolute best - phenomenal actors!


The last scene of Thursday's epi with Addison and Richard was ADORABLE. I love seeing Addison have fun and laugh every once in a while.


I'm sorry, George-Izzie lovers, but George needs to stay with his wife. He married Callie, and he shouldn't take that lightly. Neither should Izzie. He and Izzie need to try and repair their friendship and leave it at that, or else Callie is going to be seriously hurt, which isn't good, because she's such a great character.
I'm not so sure that I want Alex and Ava to hook up. He has been really sweet to her, but she acts a little weird toward him sometimes. Although I can't blame her for getting mad that the family she thought was hers doesn't want her anymore.
I am SO SAD that Addison is probably leaving. I hate that ABC is trying to make the success of Grey's into something more by making a spinoff. Spinoffs usually stink, and Grey's will not be NEARLY the same without Addy. She's amazing.


I've been thinking that the wedding will be planned for Burke aned Cristina and there will still be doubt right on up till the time of the wedding....and I think Mer and Der will have worked through the issues they are currently going through (hopefully we'll see these conversations take place) and as the wedding day approaches not only will Cristina still have doubt.....Mer and Der will be drawn even closer together and will realize even more the love they have for each other. As everyone is getting ready for the wedding Mer/Der realize that maybe they should be the ones that should be getting married and the cliff hanger will be....who will really get married Burke and Cristina or Meredith and Derek?? Does anyone else see this happening?


Well said about the Mer/Der situation, DixieGirl! I agree with you on that!


I've really been pondering Mer/Der from this epi. I don't think that when he said "[Meredith] complicates things" - that he meant that in a derogatory way towards Mer. I think he meant that it complicates the way HE looks at his life now. Remember when he said he didn't know where he'd be in 10 years? Before he met Mer, he knew where he was going and what he wanted. It was there's another person in his life that he cares for more than anything - more than his career. Someone may have already said it here (or at TwoP) - but Derek never had this kind of relationship with Addie. They were both career-focused / driven; their relationship never touched him to his core the way that Meredith does. (Proof - Addie sleeps with his best friend, he just walks away. Mark merely TALKS to Mer and gets slugged for it....) I think the Chief is TOTALLY out of line for making a professional decision based on his promise to Ellis and the course his own life has taken. He obviously isn't considering that part of what sucked the life out of his marriage was his affair with Ellis, not just the demands of his position. We still haven't seen the 'elephant in the room' conversation - Mer & Der talking about their feelings after her NDE, his protectiveness and concern about her (although he doesn't have any problems talking to faux-Mommy about it, which shows he is well aware of what he's doing), her resentment (also well known) of ANYONE trying to protect her. We get these little snippets of REAL conversation but we never get the BIG conversation...which, I guess, is probably more like 'real life'...but c'mon Shonda...we're ready for THE CONVERSATION! And that's why, even though I HATE seeing Derek alone in his trailer...I think he NEEDS to be there. He is getting smacked in the face with some major 'reality' - He's got to say goodbye to what he thought he wanted his entire career - CoS - which is hard in itself. He's got to internalize the idea that the decision is being made for him - because of Richard's BAD decision to eliminate him from the running because of Mer. And (please, please, please) he's got to remember those things he's said and felt about Mer and start feeling positive about that relationship moving FORWARD, regardless of whether or not he gets CoS. And hopefully, Richard will realize that he is projecting his own faults onto Derek and reconsider....I mean, who else is there? Addie is running off to LA, Burke has said he's not the same guy that wanted CoS, and Mark? Naaaaaaaahhh While I hated seeing the them apart, I'm hoping this is a positive more for Mer & Der. Otherwise --- Sara R is losing weight! Looking good, chica! And I LOVED the nail polish scene with Christina. Hated the lovey dovey in front of the patient, tho! I'm just trying to keep the faith - that Shonda & co are returning to the GA we love and not turning into "The Grey and Restless"...The 'raised by wolves' was priceless! Dancing at Joes and the "wingman' scenes, also priceless...


did anyone see the alex and addison promo.


don't get me wrong,MJ, I would like them to get married and be happy. They deserve it, but I got this vibe from the episode and the podcast. If you are right, I am happy. They rock and the actors are fantastic