Kelly Clarkson Joins Metal Band For Surprise Covers

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A highly entertaining video is circulating online, in which the metal rock tribute band Metal Skool is joined by Kelly Clarkson and Ryan Key on stage at an L.A. club. Key is the lead singer of Yellow Card and rumored to be Kelly's love interest. According to reports, the band spotted Kelly and Ryan in the audience partying with her friends, and unabashedly coaxed her up on stage, hoping a little star power would rub off on them.

She's All Wet
Impromptu renditions of "Sweet Child Of Mine" and "Don’t Stop Believing" followed. Wearing a school girl-ish white shirt with Peter Pan-style collar and a sweater vest, Clarkson looked totally out of place onstage with all the metal hair and spandex.

But she didn't try to Breakaway (so speak) and was actually a great sport about the whole thing. Not surprisingly, concert goers report that she sounded "awesome," smiling ear to ear as she rocked out.

Interestingly, this is the second surprise cover of "Sweet Child O' Mine" we've heard about in the past week, after Carrie Underwood performed it at a recent show. It's good to see Kelly go out there and let loose a little.

She's such a hard worker and it's not easy living up to everyone else's expectations, which she's had to for years. She certainly deserves to have a bit of fun like most kids her age. We're interested to hear if this alleged romance with Key goes anywhere as well.

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