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Ivy & Karen Vie For The Role
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 15
Original Air Date:

On the Smash season finale, Derek's decision affects Ivy and Karen as Ellis' true loyalties are revealed.

Rebecca Performs In Show Previews
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

On Smash, previews of "Bombshells" begin and Rebecca has to handle a personal crisis.

Smash in Boston
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 13
Original Air Date:

It's off to Boston for Smash this week, as Eileen and Julia clash over rehiring Michael. Derek continues to bond, meanwhile, with Rebecca.

Randall Trails Rebecca
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Karen's attracted to Rebecca's life but Derek is overwhelmed. Julia's son is missing on Smash.

Uma Thurman As Rebecca Duvall
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 11
"The Movie Star"
Original Air Date:

When movie star Rebecca Duvall arrives, Ivy and Karen form and unlikely alliance on Smash.

Ivy and Karen
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

Uma Thurman debuts on Smash this week. She plays the performer chosen to portray Marilyn.

Karen in the Studio
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 9
"Hell on Earth"
Original Air Date:

The team searches for a major star this week, while Eileen wants Tom and Julia to rename the musical.

Derek and Karen
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 8
"The Coup"
Original Air Date:

Derek plots to steal away Marilyn: The Musical on this episode, and he wants Karen to help him with that task.

Ivy in the Workshop
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 7
"The Workshop"
Original Air Date:

It's time to present Marilyn: The Musical to potential investors on this episode of Smash. Bernadette Peters guest stars.

Karen on Stage
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Ivy is plagued by vocal problems this week, while Julie just can't resist Michael.

Julia Houston Pic
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 5
"Let's Be Bad"
Original Air Date:

Complications arise between Michael and Julia this week, while Ivy has concerns about her relationship with Derek.

Nick Jonas on Smash
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 4
"The Cost of Art"
Original Air Date:

Derek hosts a party for a popular young star this week, while Eileen comes up with a creative way to secure funding.

Reaction from Julia
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 3
"Enter Mr. Dimaggio"
Original Air Date:

They start to look for an actor to play Joe DiMaggio this week. But the leading contender appears to have a secret.

Watching the Callback
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 2
"The Callback"
Original Air Date:

Both Ivy and Karen continue to try out for Marilyn this week, with one of the aspiring stars chosen as the show's lead by episode's end.

Karen Cartwright Audition
Watch Smash Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

The pilot of Smash takes us behind the scene of a Broadway musical. We meet two women vying for the lead role in Marilyn.

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Smash Season 1 Quotes

Sam: Ivy's doing the nasty with the Dark Lord, huh?
Dennis: That's what I said.
Karen: Who's the Dark Lord?
Sam: Sauron himself, Derek.

Eileen: If that were a real Degas, what would you pay for it?
Julia: That? ... It is a real Degas.
Eileen: Yeah.

Smash Season 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song Never Give All the Heart Smash Cast
Smash-cast-the-national-pastime The National Pastime Smash Cast iTunes
Song Beautiful Smash Cast
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