On the season finale of Doctor Who, The Doctor and her Companions face an old adversary when they respond to a cluster of distress signals from a planet with the translated name "Disintegrator of the Soul"

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When the Doctor and her Companions arrive on Ranskoor Av Kolos in response to nine distress signals, they first encounter Paltraki, a commander with no working memory. Realizing that the planet's psychotropic waves are disrupting his brain, The Doctor gives him a neural balancer and he begins to remember things slowly. Suddenly, there's a video call from Team T.A.R.D.I.S.'s old enemy, Tim Shaw. Graham is determined to kill Tim Shaw if he can as payback for Grace's death. Tim Shaw wants something Paltraki stole from him and has his crew members hostage. The team crosses a desolate battlefield and are transported onto a floating stone ship. They discover that Tim Shaw was transported to Ranskoor Av Kolos after his confrontation with them but transported over three thousand years into the past and found by two Ux aliens who believed him to be their god, The Creator. He used his Stenza tech and their powers to create a weapon in the form of the stone ship which could capture whole planets as trophies. Paltraki and his crew were sent to fight his army of sniper bots after he had taken five planets captive. His next target is Earth. Ryan and Graham free all the individuals Tim Shaw had taken as trophies and Graham chooses not to fight him although he does shoot him in the foot. The Doctor convinces the Ux that they've been duped and uses the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Stenza tech to help send the stolen planets back. Tim Shaw ends up in one of his own stasis chambers and Graham gets a fist bump from Ryan.

Episode Details

On Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 10, on the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos, a battlefield, a conflict-scarred survivor, and a deadly reckoning await The Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham.

Rating: 2.9 / 5.0 (39 Votes)
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Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Graham: And it has to be us does it? Answering these signals from this planet?
The Doctor: No, not at all. But everyone else has passed them by. Y'think we should do the same?

Andinio: It's time. You ready, Delph?
Delph: I don't think I am.
Andinio: Seventeen years is enough. This is what I've trained you for.
Delph: You call it training. I call it building doubt. Every lesson that you've given me, I feel like I've understood less, not more.
Andinio: Which is the point. The more we learn, the less we realize we know. This is our faith. This is our existence. The Creator would contend the world is not to be understood, only experienced.