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And by "Petrovas and doppelgangers" I meant what's up with doppelgangers occuring specificaly in the Petrova line. I get a sense that Katherine's original doppelganger was a vampire who had something to do with the shaman and his Aztec curse of the sun and the moon. Maybe they made some kind of a deal and that's why her line becomes the key to undoing the curse.

I think this is true, it's the best explanation, and elijah (one of the originals) thought that the bloodline stoped with katherine when she was turned, but aparently she did had a child before she was turned, because eventually elena was born from that :)

by the way if you look at it know, katerine may not be as evil after al ? it looks like she was a victim and her only way out was turning into a vampire herself...

do you guys think that she want's to help elena? or that she wants to give elena to the orgininals so that they will finally leave her alone? ( because in the promo for next week it looks like she wants to help her by turning her?)

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So many unanswered questions; will Elena turn into a vampire so soon in the series?

The curse will eventually- and hopefully- be described and make sense next week's episode because there seems to be so many holes. 

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although the vampires can walk under the sun, werewolves could also transform whenever they want. so why breaking the curse to put the vampires themselves in danger?

Well if you think about it, breaking the curse would work more in the vampires favor. They outnumber werewolves by a longshot. Stefan and Damon have been around for over a century and this is they're first encounter and the werewolf curse is pretty easy to avoid just don't kill anyone.

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i think that the elijah( the original) wanted katherines doppleganger(before elena) but she changed into a vampire, leaving katherine as the only human sacrafice until trevor( the guy vampire) turned katherine into a vampire and. then elijah got mad and they had been running from him for half a melinium. thats when they found elena and so they wanted to make a deal with elijah to give him elena and free them. i remember that at the end rose(the lady vampire) told stefan that klause was the one who wanted elena and elijah was the messenger. in the book klaus lived in a place spirits go to and he turned elena back to life after she died as a vampire and he was the one who turned katherine into a vampire. he is the old one, the very first vampire and he is very powerful. i think he has something to do with the moon stone and after the curse is broken he will be set free from the spirit world(that is my opinion. but noone will know until it happens

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I am just as confused as everyone else. So many questions are unanswered and I really hope they answer them this week. I don't understand what the sun and moon curse is exactly? Is it for werewolves or vampires? The only two things I can think of that would make sense would be it is either for werewolves and will break the curse over all of them so there are no more or will break the vampire curse so they can die. But I don't think The Originals want to die so it must be the werewolf thing right? Or I could be off track completely. Ha. And I don't understand the doppelganger thing. What exactly is it? And I have never understood how Elena is related to Katherine when she is a vampire. Katherine must have had a child before she turned. And Katherine was running from The Originals? Why? And why did she want a werewolf? And the moonstone? And what exactly does the moonstone do? I thought it stopped the curse for werewolves but now it doesn't seem like that is right. Answers! Thursday needs to hurry up!

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OK so the Sun curse is what makes Vampires not able to walk in the sun. The moon Curse is what makes the werewolfs come out at night. And like someone sayed before yes i think that Katherine was going to die but Trevor stopped it and now they want Elena. And i do think that Katherine is misunderstood. And like HannahKatherineIlo sayed  about Klaus I think thats a great idea that Klaus needes help to get out of the Spirt World and Elena can broke it . ( I read the books too!) But i Also know that Katherine loved Klaus Im pretty sure.... And i think they needed a werewolf  (Mason) just so Katherine could get the moon stone and maybe protect her. Hope this helps!!!

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i think if i was in the vampire diaries i would want to be katerina petrova cause she the best vampire ever in the world.


ps: better you die than i !!!!!!!!!

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So, the Sun and the Moon curse, spelled by a Atztecen Sharman, makes vampires slaves to the sun (cannot walk in the sun) and werewolves servants of the moon (they turn every full moon). In order to break the curse, the originals have to sacrifice a Petrova doppelganger. The sharman sealed his spell well, cause a lot of components are needed. So Katerina (Katherine) had to leave Bulgaria in 1490, because she disgraced her family by giving birth to a little girl. She went to England, meet Klaus, THE original, who wanted to sacrifice her for the sake of vampires. She turned by drinking Rose's blood and killing herself. The originals were pissed off and hunted her.

In the mean time, Katherine's child was given away. She became a mother, and her children became children over the centuries, until Isobel Flemming, who is a descendant of Katherine. She gave birth to Elena, the second Petrova doppelganger. So she looks EXACTLY like Katherine.

The curse can be broken by sacrificing the Petrova doppelganger (Elena), a werewolf (Mason, now Tyler) and a vampire (Caroline). A witch (Lucy, now Bonnie) has to do the spell. Katherine wanted to hand over these people to Klaus, so she didn't have to run anymore. Well, now she is in the tomb with the moonstone, which triggers the curse of the werewolves. We do not have a clue yet what it does, but I personally think and hope, it rescues Elena from death.

The special detail is that the curse has to be broken by a vampire, so that the vampires can be free from the curse and werewolves have to live with it forever. The other way round, the werewolves are free and the vampires have to be slaves of the sun forever.

Got it??

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i just don't understand why it has to be a Petrova who breaks the curse? why can't it be any doppleganger? that is the one part that is really throwing me for a loop! 

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@Emily, because a petrova was the one who made the curse.

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