Sleepy Hollow Season 3: Nikki Reed to Play Betsy Ross!

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Nikki Reed is joining Sleepy Hollow Season 3 in the pivotal role of Betsy Ross.

She's certainly not the vision of the woman we've always had in a rocking chair sewing the flag, and she's not supposed to be.

The Betsy Ross Ichabod Crane knew is described as sexy with an unsuspecting physical prowess. She's the famous seamstress known and loved for sewing the nation's first flag by day, but by night she's a dynamic colonial insider, a secret operative within George Washington's mysterious ring of spies. 

Nikki Reed

"We are all very excited to welcome Nikki Reed into the world of Sleepy Hollow," co-creator/EP Len Wiseman told The Hollywood Reporter. "Nikki's the perfect choice to bring a smart and sexy edge to our show's twisted version of American icon, Betsy Ross."  

Since Betsy Ross was Ichabod's former flame, can we expect sparks to fly when the two start working together again? Well, Reed has been added as a series regular for the season, so anything is possible!

If you need to catch up on the series, you can watch Sleepy Hollow online via TV Fanatic.

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Abbie: Who is he? When's the last time you saw him?
Ichabod: When I cut off his head.

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Ichabod: Nooo. First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step.