Once Upon a Time Season Premiere Pics: Who is Dr. Whale?

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Thank you, ABC.

The network has spent the last few days unveiling a number of photos from a number of its top shows, from the Private Practice season premiere to the Revenge season premiere to the Castle season premiere. All major TV Fanatic favorites.

And now we come to Once Upon a Time, which concluded its opening 22 episodes with a shocker: the curse is broken. The residents of Storybrooke are united with their fairy tale identities. Magic is coming. So... now what?

Click through the following images to see an angry mob gather around Regina and to watch Dr. Whale protect her? Confront her? Seriously, what is this character's deal? Let the theories fly and you browse around the following scenes:

Protecting the Queen?
Dr. Whale Picture
Dr. Whale vs. Emma
Dr. Whale vs. Regina
Regina and the Doctor
Dr. Whale vs. Charming
Storybrooke Anger
Emma and Henry
Henry and Snow
Anger in Storybrooke
Magic in Storybrooke
Once Upon a Time Season 2 Premiere Photo
Fairy Tales in Storybrooke
A Shocked Charming
Henry at Home
Henry and Charming
An Angry Mob

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