Tango Speaks on Tiffany Pollard, I Love New York Realism, More

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He broke the heart of Tiffany Pollard on national TV.

Now, Tango sits down and talks about his reality television experience with AOL. Here are some highlights:

What made you want to try out for a show like I Love New York. Was it because you were trying to help your rap career or did you actually find New York attractive?
Honestly, they kind of found me. I turned them down three times up until I did the show. To this very day, I wish I could tell you why they wanted me to do the show that bad but the casting director really wanted me to do it. My final decision why I did it was because I knew I had no business on the show and I was kind of curious. I wanted to see if a guy like me could go on a show like this and win. I don't promote my music or anything like that on the show. Curiosity got to me. Not even New York herself, I was just really curious about the show.

How would you describe yourself?
I'm an activist of all things. I gotta be honest - I'm a take a stand type of person. Another part of me jumping into the reality TV world was the opportunity to put a strong African-American on television in a situation where they don't usually depict us. We are usually comedians and we are doing something very, very silly. I wanted to kind of bring a different element. I'm the type of guy that likes to go against the grain. I like to push the limit.

What was the relationship like off camera between you and the other guys in the house?
The vast majority of the guys got along with me great. Ninety percent of the guys I'm good with. Onix, Rico, of course Mr. Boston. You have the guys that I don't get along with and that was the realist part of the show that people don't understand. The realist part of the show was the relationship between the guys. If you saw they didn't like me, they didn't like me in real life.

Do you feel by going on I Love New York that you are portraying the wrong image to other young black males out there?
I think I'm one of the first people to go on a show like this and say absolutely not. From my fans that write me and leave me messages saying they didn't expect to see a guy act this way or portray yourself the way you were portrayed. There was no way you could have edited how I tried to place myself. I didn't want to be the angry black guy on television. My top question I get is "Why didn't you beat this guy up?" I tell them, simply because someone is watching. I have a mother, I have a grandmother, I got nephews and nieces and I want them to know that you don't have to fall into that category.

How much of I Love New York is real and how much is scripted?

Man, that's really hard to say. People use the word "scripted" as if parts were drawn out. In actuality, the only thing that was scripted was the setting. The only scripted part of the show was the house and the 19 guys going for one girl . To be honest with you, this cast, the guys I was with, that was very, very real. If I had to give a percentage, that show was 85 percent real. This is going to sound arrogant and I can only speak for myself but I was probably the realist part of the show. I'm just a normal guy. I'm not an actor. Ninety percent of the guys on the show were actors. They sent a casting tape. I don't have a casting tape.

On a scale of 1-10, what were you intentions on ever marrying New York?
Before the reunion, on a scale from 1-10, I am going to say a four. Make sure you understand this, the interesting thing about it is that was probably the only sole time on the show where I took leave of my senses and I did something that I knew really wasn't for. I wasn't standing by what I was doing at that point. Forget influence by production. I did it pretty much because I was making a statement. I used marriage to make a statement. Not only did I win, but I really, really won. I kind of used marriage as a pawn and I am totally against that. That's the only time I did something that I really regret. Borderline four, closer to a three.

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Tango. you are such a dumbass. haha you most definitly contradicted yourself in your interview and the way you were on tv. you were there for new york on tv... but in the interview you come out and say you were just curious. you are the fakest person ever. and do you seriously think you portrayed yourself in a way that made you look like a good african american?? you aint no hero. far from it!! to me... you are shit. and a disgrace to us african americans. your stupid. fake ass.


First of all let me start by saying I'm usually not attracted to black men but I must say since the first time I saw you on that show I was very attracted to you. Was hoping you would win just to win not because I wanted to see you with that Tranny. The things she said about your mother are horrible and I think you did the right thing by breaking it off with her. She's a whore I mean shit she was dumb enough to sleep wit Flav 2x and get dumbed 2x...dumb ass bitch. Anyway, I think you can do much better...you are a great looking guy with a great personality. And don't listen to these people sayin u look like a turtle cuz it isn't true baby you're a beautiful man. There is something about you that just attracts women like crazy. If u're ever interested in tryin out a white gurl that you can take home to momma give me a shout...xoxoxoxo


Tiffany Pollard is low class and disgusting with her fake boobs hanging out all over the place and the hair extensions, false eyelashes and makeup caked on. She smokes like a chimney and must smell like the bottom of an ash tray. She is foul mouthed and uneducated. How can that be sexy? What a shock when all that crap is scraped off her face and the pushup bra comes off. She is nothing but average at best. You made the right choice. And this season, may the worst man win.


Is this show for real? Are these guys for real? I just can't imagine why 19 men or anyone for that matter is chasing this woman. She looks like a man and has shown that she is completely crazy. She doesn't seem like she has ever had a real job or would be a good mother. Please tell me why 19 men are fighting over her? Am I the only one that thinks this has got to be fake.


Tango... let's just be for real for a minute. I not going to go on cussing and what not. But honestly you should really be honest with yourself. You did like Tiffany and you was there to compete against te other 19 guys there. I think that you really meant to marry her and that you did in fact have some type of love for her! However I think that once the show was over and you two couldn't see each other until the reunion show your friends and family, especially your mom, got into your head and talked to you not to meantion the viewing of the show, you saw how she made some of you look rediculous. Now do i think what she(NY) and her mom said about your mom was nice... no I don't but hey (it's all about the ratings). So suck it up drive on and be happy that you got your 15 mins of fame. You knew what you was getting into when she was on Flavor of Love 1 & 2. I think she's halarious.... Cuz honestly who the heck wants to listen to a 30-something year old rapper that doesn't have major record start a new career lmao Smoothes idiot!!


tango...u fake...u wanna talk about maturity and u didnt wanna fight cuz "ppl watchin" but u sure didnt have ne problems about cussin, actin a DAMN fool and slobbering down on some desperate slut who tried to make it acceptable to be physically involved with 20 ppl all at the same time while "ppl watchin"...
so plz... u wanna play "mr. role model" save that crap for somebody who didnt see ur behaviour...
and as for that whole making a statement..u idiot.. u didnt make a statement u made a mockery of something that is sacred and important...u fake and that is inexcusable so u wanna call urself "real"...trust me the only real about u is that u "really" look like a turtle so crawl into ur shell, do us a favour and keel over cuz nobody wanna hear ur bs.


I love New York. I think the show is very intertaining and interesting. Tango was in love with New York I think, he just knew in his heart that she was too much woman for him. I think he is a fine and manly man, do what it do Tango, good luck.


Tango is nothing but a fake ass dude talk about real what do you know about real? You are the epitome of everything called a black man as a mtter of fact you are a disgrace to your owm people please do no more interviews ninja turtle take a swim maybe drown what real man would pretend so long to boost their career you took that girl and the producers for a ride i saw through your acne proned ass a long time open webster and look up the meaning of real you are a terrible fakester and every one you do business with should be aware you took disadvantage of that girl if you were not in it to win you should walk away with you dignity how do you live with yourself and you used your mom to break up maybe you should try being a homosexual onl a faggot would behave like you and you think you are the shit tiffany looks way better than your ex who looks like she is pregnant and is about to give birth to some half dogs and turtle she wasd the best you could have done so dont give her a four take that and shove it


i love you boo i dont why she took you out my life i need you back papi holla at me all ya haters keep it up hes still sexy haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa