Report: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Photos, Engagement Staged

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We always suspected it was true, because it's kind of obvious, but now it looks as if the nauseating, fake-looking photos of Heidi Montag and her "fiance" Spencer Pratt - as well as their engagement - really are staged!

Video and audio footage has surfaced of some photographers talking about their paparazzi agency's "set up" that they did with the gross couple from The Hills.

Heidi and Spencer, as first reported by Celebrity Babylon, have reportedly racked up at least $30,000 for staging photos - as well as their engagement - for a spread in a certain tabloid magazine.

"It's an arrangement that suits both of them," says an MTV insider.

"They won't be walking down the aisle, but they will go through the motions of planning a wedding, and then have a big break-up that will get lots of press. All caught on camera by photographers, of course."

Wow. And we thought crashing scenes with Lauren Conrad during filming of Season 3 of The Hills was shameless.

Here's Celebrity Babylon's comment on the matter:

"It's a contract in hand... the dirtiest deal in Hollywood. The romance is a publicity stunt to make the two cover-worthy magazine stars and generate a significant side income!"

Click here for the video.

Anyway, here are more pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt together, taken two days after their "engagement" was announced. Hope you've got a trash can on hand to throw up into.

Heidi and Spencer: So Happy Together
Spencer Pratt Kisses Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag Hugged By Spencer Pratt
Heidi Montag: Desperate For Fame

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heidi is a fake "friend" she gos around stabbing people in the back and spencer is such a queen. he acts like a sissy beotch and heidi acts like a mean beaotch two beotches in a pod. lol


Spencer's sister is ugly. She looks like an uglier version of Spencer. Horrible actress. This show is so fake it's ridiculous. MTV should keep Lauren and Whitney and Audrina and NIX everyone else. The fakos are ruining it for the show's reputation!


Everyone is fake on The Hills except Lauren. MTV EXECS think MTV viewers are STUPID. THEY STAGE HALF THE CRAP ON THE SHOW THAT CAUSES DRAMA!! Show them you're not stupid enough to fall for their fake crap and Heidi and Spencer's bad acting, and STOP WATCHING THE SHOW.


I can't stand Heidi and Spencer. I like Lauren, but mostly because she's real. I used tolike Heidi when she wasn't acting on the show. Have you noticed how she looks all made up in every scene hairs out of place, plenty of gloss on the lips? She and Spencer are PLAYING with you people!! Good grief! Please stop giving them what they want by talking about them. I am sure they are very nice people. That's not the point. The point is that THEY ARE ACTING and MANIPULATING the media and The Hills viewers in ANY WAY they can to get media attention and more MONEY. He might be a duche bag, but he's brilliant. If you don't believe they are fake and staged their break up, then talk to any woman in love who has ever broken up with her fiance. Hmm. It doesn't go down the way it did with Heidi. No tears. So soap- like dramatic. Also, check out TMZ where there are sickening photos of Heidi and Spencer out and about AT THE SAME TIME when they are on mag covers talking about their big breakup, and when Spencer told Ryan Seacrest that he hadn't been in contact with Heidi and wished her well. STOP BEING SO STUPID, people! Stop believing this fake stuff!! It is NOT real.


If they really are engaged, than Heidi is the worst roll model for ppl 21, the guy cheated on her right in front of her face. Than, he friend tried to help and she took the guys side. How stupid can you be! To lose a long time friend over a guy that cheated on her! And now, you can tell on the show that she pays for everything!!!


come on guys this was OBVIOUSLY fake. they appeared on awards shows together (a dead giveaway), and spencer's sister is probably the worst actress i have ever seen. really? don't get sucked in to this crap


spencer needs to cut his hair. he looks like an old man with his beard n shit. have u ever heard of a razor? same goes with justin bobby. he looks like a mutt.


i totally agree with haley and jenn. spencer was the worst thing that ever happened to heidi and she needs to finally realize it. PS


Haley I agree w/ u!


I dont think Heidi is so bad...I actually like her...LC can be bitchy sometimes...I just wish they would make up and become friends again. She needs to dump Spencer and move on!