Shameless Promo: Courteney Cox Guest Stars!

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Courteney Cox will stop by the South Side on Shameless Season 9 Episode 6, and it sure looks like she's going to bring a lot of drama with her. 

As previously reported, she's playing an actress named Jen who has a problem with alcohol addiction. 

As such Lip takes her under his wing with the aim of keeping her off the alcohol but based on the official teaser for the episode, he's going to have his work cut out for him. 

Courteney Cox Smiles

Jen looks set to attempt to drink alcohol every step of the way, and that's going to put her at odds with Lip. 

Elsewhere on "Face it, You're Gorgeous," Ian learns that he will be spending two years locked up, so he sets out to spend some time with his family before he departs. 

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If you watch Shameless online, you know that he claimed insanity for torching the van with the aim of getting a lighter sentence. 

He was looking at 10 to 20 years, so two is a positive for him. He's not going to miss out on as much of his life he could have. 

One Last Day Together - Shameless

Meanwhile, Frank will continue to pursue Ingrid (Katey Sagal) because she helped him get an erection after dry humping him and punching him on the nose. 

Yeah, we wish we were kidding about that last paragraph, you guys!

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Then there's Fiona who realizes the hard way that the deal she made for the commercial building was not all it cracked up to be. 

Will she be able to get her money back or will she have to call the cavalry aka her siblings to go all Gallagher on the man?

Fiona Votes for Ruiz - Shameless Season 9 Episode 4

Watch the full teaser below, and return to TV Fanatic right after the episode airs for a full rundown of it. 

Remember you can watch Shameless online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up with all the fun now. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 6: "Face It, You're Gorgeous"
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Shameless Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

V: Who's that?
Kev: Probably a Gallagher.

Sister Francis: Amy brought this in for show-and-tell day today.
[Sister Francis waves a dildo at Kev and V.]
V: That's weird.
Kev: I wonder where she got that from.