DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 First Look: New Faces, Same Asskicking

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Are you ready to see what's coming for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2? We have news!

Now that the time masters are gone, the Legends of Tomorrow have an actual mission.

“Time has been left unguarded. Now they’re in charge of guarding all of history” and “fixing these things called aberrations,” executive producer Phil Klemmer previewed.

That's so much better than fighting a one-off villain.

There's news coming out of San Diego Comic Con that includes not only the excitement about the Legion of Doom, but what lies ahead in the upcoming season.

On the sneak peek video, we get a good look at newcomer Nick Zano as Nate Heywood aka Citizen Steel.

He looks like an alright guy. Seems very comfortable right off the bat.

Apparently, Zano has always wanted to work with Victor Garber, so it was kind of a big thing for him.

Unfortunately, Zano managed to flub his lines in a recent scene with Garber he was so nervous. Well, not flub, just outright forget to deliver it.

After Garber said his, he looked at Zano and said, "your turn," according to a story shared by Zano on the panel.

As they said, even heroes have heroes!

We've wanted something to loosen up Rip Hunter a little bit, and Arthur Darvill shared on the panel that a "“big twist with him quite early on that changes everything.”

Sounds intriguing.

Our girl Sara will finally have the chance to come face to face with Damien Darhk, and to say she has an ax to grind with the man is probably an understatement.

But you have to wonder if it's as satisfying when he doesn't know who you are (which will make sense after you watch the video).

Caity Lotz shared, “I’m excited because Sara really wants to kill these people,” she said. After all, Malcolm killed her and Damien killed Laurel. They have it coming!

The team has a lot more than these recognizable villains to conted with, however.

“They’re almost victims of their own success” coming off last season’s mission," Klemmer said. “Once you’ve climbed Everest, what is there left to conquer?”

What about love? 

“Sara’s kind of a player. She’s having fun. She’s a bit of a Casanova,” Lotz replied. “I did [say], ‘I’d love for Sara to get a nice girlfriend coming up.’ We’ll see. It’s kind of hard to find love when you’re traveling through time on a spaceship. But somehow, Sara finds time.”

And perhaps the best tease of all comes from Dominic Purcell with regard to Mick. “Rory this year is going to be even more outrageous than he was last year."

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