The Best of 2014: Fight Scenes!

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TV Fanatics have chosen the best fight scenes of 2014. What made the cut?

1. May vs. Ward -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

May vs. Ward -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
May vs. Ward in the Agents of Shield Season 1 finale. May finally gets her revenge in the most satisfying way when she kicks Ward's double-crossing ass. Ward's betrayal affected everyone, but he slept with May. I know I was cheering her on when she crushed his larynx and shot his foot with a nail gun. He deserved it!

2. Sam and Annalise -- How to Get Away with Murder

Sam and Annalise -- How to Get Away with Murder
This couple has been on thin ice all season after the reveal that Sam was having an affair with a now-deceased student. Sam was always apologizing and pleading with his wife to forgive him, but it always seemed like Sam was one second away from losing it. Well, lose it he did in a bonkers winter finale that showed husband and wife completely decimate one another with insults. A broken woman, Annalise baited her husband, hoping he'd reveal that he was the one behind his lover's death. But Sam instead chose to shame his wife with a disgusting diatribe about the real reason he began a relationship with her many years ago. There was no victor in this particular fight, but Sam would be murdered that very night. And Annalise's reaction to his death was another surprising twist on one of the best new shows of the fall.

3. Oliver Queen vs. Ra's al Ghul -- Arrow

Oliver Queen vs. Ra's al Ghul -- Arrow
The tense buildup, Oliver's long climb up the mountain to the scenic wintry setting, the words and blows exchanged that ended in Ra's al Ghul's surprising final stab through Oliver's side...all that would've been enough to land one of the best fight scenes of 2014, but then...Ra's pushed Oliver over the side of the mountain. Gasp! (spoiler alert!) Oliver Queen is "dead."

4. Snow vs Evil Queen -- Once Upon a Time

Snow vs Evil Queen -- Once Upon a Time
When the Shattered Sight curse was cast on Storybrooke, everybody showed off their worst selves. This meant Regina was reverted back to her Evil Queen persona, costume and all, and with that she went after her first enemy, Snow White. It was the most bad-ass fight as Snow and Regina went at each other, sans magic, in the Sheriff's Station to pay each other back for the wrong they've done against the other. The fight was made better when the curse was broken, the two just broke down laughing at what the curse made them do. Best Fairytale Fight.

5. Arrow vs Deathstroke -- Arrow

Arrow vs Deathstroke -- Arrow
In last season's finale, the fight scene between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson was one of the most beautiful things to behold on television. Not only was it fantastically choreographed, it was made even more intense by juxtaposing it with the previous fight between Oliver and Slade on the freighter. Not only did we get to see Oliver finally win against Slade, we saw how far he had come.

6. Abby and Jake -- Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Abby and Jake -- Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Abby vs. Jake on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. In the first episode they found themeslves alone in a room finally letting go of their feelings. Jake shouted started it, Abby responded it was an emotional affair and he's the one who broke the marriage vows. Through it all, it was never in doubt how much they loved on another and how deeply they hurt. It was realistic and absolutely heartbreaking, and showed brilliant insight into how people find themselves lost in a marriage and the measures they take to find solace, even if their partner gets hurt. The worst of it was when they were interrupted by their kids just as it started to get slightly physical. Gut punch to the viewers!

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