Sneak Peek of Underground's Season 2 Posters!

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Season two of WGN America's breakout hit, Underground, returns on March. 8!

On Underground Season 1, the Macon 7 escaped their plantation and were hunted down by slave-catcher August (Chris Meloni). Not everyone made it out alive and the consequences set off a ripple effect of action and suspense that led up to a shocking finale. 

On Underground Season 2 we will see the fall out of the Macon's 7 attempt to pull off the most incredible escape of all time. 

Season two also brings with it new characters, including Harriet Tubman, one of the greatest abolitionists in American history, if not all of time. It'll also introduce guest star John Legend, as Frederick Douglass. 

Last season's tag was "Break Free." This year, they're asking us to "Rise Up."

Check out the posters below. 

Underground Season 2 returns on March.8. Are you ready to run with us? 


1. Noah- Underground

Noah- Underground
Aldis Hodge stars as Noah on Season 2 of Underground.

2. Rosalee - Underground

Rosalee - Underground
Jurnee Smollett-Bell stars as Rosalee Hawkes. Now that Rosalee has a taste of freedom, she's joined the movement to free more slaves.

3. Ernestine - Underground

Ernestine - Underground
Amirah Vann stars as Ms.Ernestine. She's the smart and cunning, protective Mama bear who finds a way to wield power despite confinement. After being sold by the mistress of the house, what will she do to free herself?

4. Elizabeth - Underground

Elizabeth - Underground
Jessica De Gouw stars as Elizabeth Hawkes. She risked her life to harbor runaway slaves, and joined her niece, Rosalee, in combating a slavecatcher.

5. Cato - Underground

Cato - Underground
Alano Miller stars as Cato. He's both physically and emotionally scarred. He's both sly and unpredictable. What does season two have in store for him?

6. August - Underground

August - Underground
Christopher Meloni stars as August. He's a conflicted slave-catcher that wrestles with morality and putting food on the table. But there are new slave-catchers in town. Where does that leave him?

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Underground Quotes

Slave Catcher: We got three runaways. You wanna pay us for one?
Rosalee: You ain't got nothing yet.

Slave Catcher: [to Rosalee] Make another move, and I'll shoot your head clean off.
Harriet: I could say the same. My arms are mighty tired, and I aim to end this quick.