Grey's Anatomy: 13 Ways Season 13 Has Failed So Far

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They were not kidding when they said 13 is an unlucky number.

Any show that can make it past three seasons, is sure to have a few hiccups at some point or another. For Grey's Anatomy, they're hitting a few bumps during their unlucky thirteenth season. 

On the positive side, the season isn't over yet. There's still time for it to win us over again. 

There have been some really great moments during Grey's Anatomy Season 13. In some ways, it has reminded us of classic Grey's. The season is in no way a complete bust.

However, as the season progresses, fans have become exasperated. It has led to speculation, theories, debates, and discussions.

Whether it's on social media, or in the comment sections of our reviews, there is a lot of buzz around Grey's Anatomy's unlucky thirteenth season.

It couldn't be ignored, and there's no getting around it. So let's just face it head on, shall we? Here's a list of reasons why Grey's Anatomy has gone oh so wrong (so far).

Do you agree? Disagree? Is there anything missing that you'd like to add? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think.

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1. Eliza Minnick and the Mysterious Minnick Method

Eliza Minnick and the Mysterious Minnick Method
Marika Dominczyk is awesome. Unfortunately, Eliza Minnick is not. She is one of the most polarizing characters on Grey's in years. Eliza blew in like a hurricane leaving destruction and chaos in her wake.

She has single-handedly torn apart friendships, families, and mentorships. The worst part is they haven't given us a single reason to like her. She's pushy, crass, insensitive, reckless, and endangers and objectifies patients. She also doesn't play well with others. She not only stole Richard's job but wanted to push him out of everything altogether. We're also inexplicably being told that her new teaching method IS THE BEST METHOD EVER! Except, we haven't been shown why!

In fact, after nicking arteries on purpose and killing a kid, her magical method is a bit terrifying. Did we mention her method pretty much consists of letting residents perform solo surgeries with no help from attendings? Decades we've spent watching residents perform solo surgeries, but apparently, we must have been seeing things because the residents were being deprived. Jackson called it, Eliza's methods breed assembly line doctors, but not innovative surgical artists.

2. Alex's Legal Trouble

Alex's Legal Trouble
The assault arc was sloppy writing and extremely irritating the majority of the time. For starters, it set Alex back about five years worth of character development. Alex is not that guy anymore. It was painful watching him revert back to some of his old ways. None of us wanted to see him go to jail.

However, he SHOULD have faced some consequences for his actions. He beat DeLuca to a bloody pulp, nearly ended the guy's career, and Alex still spent the majority of the time not being the least bit remorseful. Then when he was, it was directed at Jo and not the man he beat to a bloody pulp. There was some disgust at his actions, but ironically Andrew was the one who spent the entire arc being ostracized and treated like a pariah.

It also brought the stomach-churning protective streak out of Meredith (and even Bailey) when it led to both women threatening and/or urging DeLuca to drop charges so Alex wouldn't go to prison and have his career ruined. What?! The storyline dragged on and on. We had to wait an entire midseason break and an additional three episodes to find out how Alex evaded going to jail. Then, it was revealed that Andrew did, in fact, drop the charges and now it's like none of it ever even happened.

3. Owen and Amelia's Baby Drama

Owen and Amelia's Baby Drama
Is there anything more annoying then the Omelia drama happening right now? Wait, nevermind. There's a lot to choose from. It's pretty high up on the list right now, though. Omelia's relationship has been rocky more than it has actually be on solid ground.They sailed past the "honeymoon phase" and right into barely being able to be in the same room together.

Most of that falls on Amelia, who has become the most immature character on the show right now, and the entire season has seen it's fair share of immaturity. Amelia is afraid to tell Owen that she doesn't want children anymore, because her pregnancy scare reminded her of losing her first baby, and she doesn't want to go through that again. Fair enough, Amelia. But can you use your big girl words and tell your husband that instead of hiding from him for weeks?

Amelia has decided she doesn't want kids after casually talking about them for their entire relationship, and Owen is in another relationship with a woman who wants something differently than he does. Plus, for some reason, the show forgot that there was a scene where Amelia did tell Owen about her first baby. Owen and Amelia apparently have forgotten too. We haven't though!

4. The Misuse of Andrew DeLuca

The Misuse of Andrew DeLuca
Is there anyone on the show getting screwed over more than DeLuca? I think not. At his worst, he can be a bit dull, but for the most part, he's a likable guy. Plus, look at his face. How can you not like that face?

Remember when Andrew was first introduced as the badass resident everyone thought was an attending because he was so damn good? What happened to that guy? We miss him. So far, he's been the guy stuck in the middle of crappy situations and conflict. He's the awkward third wheel of everything. He's not nearly as confident as he used to be.

He got beat up and ostracized for being a good person, and he probably hasn't had more than twenty lines all season. And while we're at it, what was the point of breaking up a perfectly adorable relationship between him and Maggie only to stick both of them into the craptastic end of pointless love triangles no one asked for? Giacomo Gianniotti is too talented for what he's been given this season; DeLuca deserves better!

5. Terrible Pacing and Stagnant Storylines

Terrible Pacing and Stagnant Storylines
One of the biggest pitfalls of Season 13 so far, is the number of storylines and arcs that should have only lasted two or three episodes, tops, being dragged on for eight or more. On the flip side, arcs that are infinitely more interesting are put on the backburner for long stretches of time, only to be randomly tossed back in.

The infighting as a result of Eliza should not be consuming the entire back half of the season. It's. Still. Going. The Omelia drama should not be dragging on for so long just for it to still remain stagnant. It took weeks, WEEKS for her to actually talk to her own husband!

Then there's the Meredith and Nathan romance. They went from sleeping together and playfully bantering and flirting, to not even interacting with each other for multiple episodes, to suddenly having Nathan profess his feelings for Meredith out of the blue. What even is going on with Jackson and April? Will Maggie ever find out that her mother has cancer?

6. Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson
Contrary to popular belief, there is no joy to be had disliking Jo. Camilla Luddington is delightful. Jo, however, is one of those characters that has been so annoying for so long, that even mentioning it anymore is redundant. Is it her fault that Alex assaulted DeLuca? Absolutely not.

Yet, everything about her role in this storyline has been irksome. Given her past, she should be a sympathetic character, but she just...isn't. She's secretive and even dishonest at times but gets so self-righteous about other people being open and honest all the time. She finds a way to self-insert and makes every case she comes across personal. And not in the Izzie Stevens, too emotionally attached to patients as a result of caring too much, kind of way.

No, Jo usurps her patient's angst and trauma and somehow makes it about herself. Whether it's a misunderstood, pregnant teen prisoner, or an abusive husband and father, every case she takes on somehow ties into her own personal saga. She's easily flustered and distracted and checks out on cases. Does she even have a specialty? She's just perpetually lost.

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