27 Pretty Pictures of Shay Mitchell

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Happy birthday, Shay Mitchell! In honor of the Pretty Little Liars star, we've put together this montage of pretty pictures.

1. Emily Emulating Michael Jackson

Emily Emulating Michael Jackson
Emily makes sort of like Michael Jackson for this Pretty Little Liars photo. We love her!

2. Time for Coffee

Time for Coffee
They just look like a normal bunch of girls out having coffee in this photo from "A is for Answers." Is Ali out in the open now?

3. Unhappy Charity Bride

Unhappy Charity Bride
It's shaping up to be group of unhappy brides for the charity event. How are these girls going to sell any gowns?

4. Focus on Emily

Focus on Emily
The fifth member of the drive is featured in this photo from "Shadow Play" and Emily doesn't appear any more pleased to be in the car than any of the others.

5. Emily Putting on Lipstick

Emily Putting on Lipstick
Emily gets serious about putting on her lipstick. Sometimes you have to suffer to be beautiful.

6. Emily Laughs

Emily Laughs
Emily makes us realize how fun it is to put on lipstick when you look as beautiful as she does.

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