27 Marvelous Men of Summer TV

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We've already taken a look at the hot women of summer TV, and now it's time to peer into the dreamy eyes of the other sex.

What marvelous men are heating up the small screen?

We're glad you asked. 

Take a look below and let us know who else you're excited to see competing with the brilliant rays of the summer sun.

1. Tommy Dewey - Casual

Tommy Dewey - Casual
Dewey stars as Alex Cole on Casual now, but he previously had roles on both Code Black and The Mindy Project. This talented guy also created two other TV series, Sons of Tucson and Now We're Talking. Yes, we are! About you, Mr. Dewey.

2. Ben Robson - Animal Kingdom

Ben Robson - Animal Kingdom
It's hard picking just one hottie from Animal Kingdom. But, we're going with Robson who plays Craig Cody. This tall drink of water is a 6'3" Englishman from Buckinghamshire. So hiding inside there is an accent. That's probably what he used in his role as Kalf on Vikings. Sigh.

3. Frank Grillo - Kingdom

Frank Grillo - Kingdom
Another show that showers us with beefy goodness making it impossible to pick just one...well, I just picked the "elder" of the bunch because if aging is this easy, we'd all want to do it. I've been a Grillo fan since he was on Guiding Light and totally dig his Purge work. He's a warrior!

4. Charles Esten - Nashville

Charles Esten - Nashville
Did you know Charles Esten was on The Office, ER and Big Love? I sure didn't. He's making the list because of that sultry smile. Can you even imagine not smiling back? Dang.

5. Harry Shum Jr. - Shadowhunters

Harry Shum Jr. - Shadowhunters
Sorry, Mike Chang on Glee. You never had the swagger that Magnus does. Shum moved up in the world as a sexy and intriguing character that is so cool he's also known as half of Malec.

6. Jon-Michael Ecker - Queen of the South

Jon-Michael Ecker - Queen of the South
What a shame it would have been if this Narcos and Gossip Girl actor had never come back to Queen of the South. His return was a welcome twist. What a face!

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