25 Hot Monsters We Can't Help But Love

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Do sexy monsters invade your dreams? Maybe they taunt you in your nightmares, instead.

No matter. We've picked out a group for you to gaze at so you can remember they're still monsters no matter how hot they are in human form.

1. Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Ha! I put in a ringer here because I didn't want to see his monster face. Because Spike had the grace to call himself a monster, I skipped the obvious by showing how horrid his monster face can be. That heart of gold under there that saved the world? That's what I see.

2. Jessica - True Blood

Jessica - True Blood
Remember when Jessica was first turned and how it seemed like such a bad decision? I still love thinking about what a fantastic character she turned out to be. Such a beautiful baby vamp!

3. Mitchell - Being Human UK

Mitchell - Being Human UK
The first of our Aidans from Being Human, this one playing a character named Mitchell. It never gets old looking at vampires. Let's carry on.

4. Katherine - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine was sexy because she was fun and enjoyed the hell out of the darkness of being a vampire. She used her monster capabilities with every ounce of life in her. The same couldn't always be said for her TVD cohorts.

5. Elijah - The Originals

Elijah - The Originals
For being as sexy as he is, you'd think this fella would be lucky in love, right? Not so much. At least the TVD vamps are a step above the BtVS vamps in form. These monsters aren't gorgy like the True Blood models, but the Buffy vamps are downright ugly when turned.

6. Liv - iZombie

Liv - iZombie
The normally cute, perky blonde is really a walking dead girl just trying to keep her head above the dirt by chomping on the brains of other dead people who haven't been lucky enough to stay alive by being zombified. Dayum.

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